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Chapter 17: Truth Is Dangerous

In each jail they tried different ways to affect my life. In one jail they put me into a cell with an inmate who was dying with an infectious disease. For the six months since this man had come the cell was never given to anybody else; he had lived alone because the doctor had said that anybody living with him was bound to catch the disease. And I was, in the middle of the night, given that cell. The doctor was present, he did not object; the jailer was present, the marshal was present. The man, who was just dying - I heard later on that he died on the third day after I left the jail - could not speak, he had become so weak. He wrote on a small piece of paper, “Osho, I have been seeing you on the television. I know that these people want to kill you, that is the reason they have put you in this cell. Don’t touch anything. Just stand near the door and knock on the door till they come, and force them to change your cell because I am dying, and I don’t want you to catch my disease. For six months they have not given this cell to anybody - and you are not even a prisoner.”

It took one hour of me knocking on the door, and then the jailer appeared and the doctor appeared. I said to the doctor, “What has happened to your tongue? For six months you have been saying that nobody should be given this cell. Why have you remained silent?” He was just embarrassed. I said, “You are a medical man. You have taken the oath of Hippocrates in your medical college before you got your degree, that you will serve life, not death. And this is not serving life.”

He said, “I am sorry, but.orders from above. I am a poor doctor, I cannot disobey; just excuse me.” And immediately my cell was changed.

They were giving me medicines - which I never took. I accepted them and threw them in the wastepaper basket because I had no need for those medicines. I told them, “My problem is my back, which you are destroying” - because the same kind of driving continued from one jail to another jail, it was pre-planned; from jail to airport, from airport to jail, the same kind of driving continued for twelve days - “and for my back there is no medicine. What are you giving me medicine for? For my allergies? I have allergies, but for my allergies you have made every arrangement.”

In every jail they had put all the heavy smokers in the same cell where they put me. So for twenty-four hours a day people were smoking - because they knew that I am allergic to smoke, dust, perfume, any kind of smell. They managed in every way to destroy my body. And I asked, “What are these medicines for?” Certainly those medicines would have made me sick.

I know that in the Soviet Union they have done the same with three Nobel Prize winners. Those three Nobel Prize winners - and they are all geniuses - refused the government. The government wanted them to refuse the Nobel Prize, and they said they could not refuse the Nobel Prize because it is a worldwide recognition of their work. They were arrested immediately and they were given medicines and injections.

One scientist was given injections and medicines so that he could not sleep. For twenty-one days they would not allow him to sleep. In twenty-one days if you cannot sleep. And they were also giving him medicines which destroy the small cells in the brain. Then they produce the man in the court and say that he is mad. First they made him mad, then they produced him in the courts and said that he was mad. The court asked him, “What is your name?” and he would not speak because he had lost the power of speech. That’s what they were trying to do for twenty-one days continuously, to destroy his power of speech - one of the best speakers in the Soviet Union.

In one jail they told me, “If you don’t like to take medicines orally we can give you injections.”

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