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Chapter 27: Awareness Has Its Own Rewards

For example, in Bhopal - Bhopal is a Mohammedan city - those children will be mostly Mohammedans. They will not be given to Mohammedans, to Hindus, to Jainas, no - even a Protestant Christian is denied. And what an excuse: “There is no orphan available.” There were seven hundred orphans already inside that orphanage, and the secretary was denying that there was one orphan.

These children go on increasing the Catholic population. God is gracious, compassionate: let all the factories explode! Let everybody become an orphan so Catholics go on increasing by millions, and the pope again becomes the emperor of almost the whole world.

There is no wonder that the pope respects Mother Teresa and gives her all the great titles of the church. There is no wonder that she receives the Nobel Prize, because she is being recommended even by the pope. You can’t get a Nobel Prize unless you are recommended by a certain category of people. Either they have to be Nobel Prize winners, or they have to be kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers.

The pope is the king of that small kingdom of the Vatican, eight square miles. He is the king of that kingdom - he has twenty soldiers, and six hundred million Catholics around the world. He has great power, and people like Mother Teresa are working everywhere to bring in more and more people.

You ask me what I want man to do. First thing: I want man to recognize that he is asleep, because unless he accepts and acknowledges that he is asleep there is no possibility of waking him up. Can you wake a man who thinks he is awake? He will slap you! “Stop all this nonsense, I am awake! What are you doing?” First you have to recognize it, create a recognition.

I have always loved this story:

A few friends, on a full moon night, got drunk. The night was so beautiful and they wanted to enjoy it, so they drank to the full and went to the beautiful river. The boatmen had gone, leaving their boats on the bank on the river. It was the middle of the night, the full moon was just above their heads, and it was a fairy land all over.

Seeing the boats, one of the friends said, “It will be good if we go in the boat, on the river. Just look! The moon is reflected in the river, and when something, a waterfowl, runs over the water or takes a dip into the water, the whole water becomes silver. The moon spreads all over the river.”

They were just a little bit awake the way man is: ninety-nine percent they were drunk. They went into a boat, they took the oars and started moving out into the river. The others who were just sitting went on telling the people who were rowing the boat, “Go faster, it is so beautiful. Don’t move so slowly, make speed.” And the oarsmen were trying hard and perspiring.

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