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Chapter 12: Existence Has Its Own Ways

And we were not at all concerned with America or with Oregon. The nearest Oregon town was twenty miles away from us and people were so happy in the commune, nobody wanted to go anywhere. Finally we had to get rid of so many cars, airplanes, because what is the point? Nobody wants to go anywhere.

And the poor fellow is still haunted by my ninety-three Rolls Royces. He does not think for a moment that I have not kept any Rolls Royce from those ninety-three; I have not even looked back towards them. I never went to the garage. They were not mine.

But he is asking the question, “When the whole world is poor, how could you manage a commune to live comfortably?” What do you mean? If the whole world is sick, do we also have to be sick? If the whole hospital is filled with sick people, do you want the doctors and nurses also in the beds?

I am absolutely against poverty. That became the problem, that I had abolished poverty in the commune. And what can be done in one place can be done in every place, because it is the same earth - better earth. The commune became their priority - to destroy it so nobody could compare, and nobody could ask why America has thirty million beggars.

We had absorbed three hundred beggars from America into the commune. And the beggars themselves told me, “For the first time we have recognized that we are human beings, because nobody here treats us the way we have been treated our whole life, like stray dogs. We have felt for the first time that we are also human beings, and a tremendous dignity and self-respect has arisen in us.”

Now this was the problem: if the commune was going to become well known all over America, the American politicians would have been in tremendous difficulty. Hence the Attorney General - who is a close friend of Ronald Reagan; they have been educated in the same schools, same colleges, and they were also working in Hollywood together. And as Ronald Reagan became the president immediately he called his friend to be the Attorney General of America..

The second reason the United States Attorney gave was: “We did not want Osho to remain in jail because we were afraid that would make him a martyr.” You can see the meaning hidden in it - the desire was there, but because of the fear that if they kept me in jail, then sannyasins all over the world were going to protest, were going to become stronger, were going to be in every way against the American domination of the world..

And the third thing is really hilarious. He said, “And moreover, the third thing is that we don’t have any evidence for the charge that Osho has committed any crime.” Now the US Attorney says he doesn’t have any evidence against me! Then why am I being punished with a fine of almost half a million dollars? Why have I been harassed into six jails unnecessarily? Why was I arrested in the first place without any arrest warrant, just under the threat of loaded guns? Why was I not allowed bail?

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