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Chapter 17: The Immaculate Deception

So it is a question of competition. Who bothers what Buddha was doing his whole life? His sayings were collected, and those sayings became holy. And Buddha was saying, “There is no God” - still his sayings start having the same status as the Vedas. The same happened with Mahavira. He was saying, “There is no God” - but his sayings became holy, you cannot argue against them.

I have been talking to Buddhist monks, Jaina monks, and they would see my point, and they would say, “We can understand, but please don’t raise it in public. There we cannot accept it.” For example, the Jaina monk cannot use the modern toilet, for a strange reason - because there is water, and Mahavira had said, “You should not defecate in water.” And he was right, because in India people are doing all kinds of things in rivers, and they drink the same water also. Their buffalos also take their bath in the same river - their cows, their animals, their horses. And they are taking baths there and people are washing their clothes. Everything is happening, and then they are drinking the same water.

So it was perfectly right for Mahavira to say, “At least do not defecate and urinate in the water.” But now that has become a holy statement. So the Jaina monk, Jaina nun, cannot use the toilet because there is water. In privacy they also laughed with me, and said, “It is true, but in public we cannot say it, we cannot go against the holy scripture.”

Once a group of nuns, five nuns, who were very much interested in me - Jaina nuns - stayed. They cannot stay in a householder’s home. I was staying with a friend’s family and on top, one floor was still empty. The person had not moved in, so the friend asked him, “Just for five days don’t move; these nuns want to stay, and once you have moved they cannot stay there. So let them use the house for five days.”

And I was staying there so it would be easy for them; otherwise the Jaina society would not allow them to meet with me. The Jaina society was afraid that I might corrupt their minds, and certainly they were right. If I get the chance to corrupt anybody I am going to corrupt him - because that is the only way to put you right. You are standing on your head. To put you right side up, I have to change many things in you.

They could not have come to see me because what excuse could they find to walk from the temple where they were staying, and come here every day? And if people came to know that I was staying there, that that’s why they were going there, then immediately their prestige would be at risk. And they were highly respected nuns. So my friend said that, “The best way is that they stay upstairs. It’s empty, and nobody will be bothering.” And after dark nobody visited them. Nobody can visit after the sun has set; then the Jaina nun is unavailable. This is just to protect her celibacy, to protect her repressed sexuality. So this was the arrangement, that after dark they could come down and meet me, and nobody would know - and this house was outside the city, far away from the community where Jainas live.

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