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Chapter 13: Judge Ye Not

The rabbis could not see it. They thought that this man was mad, they thought that this man was dangerous. They compared notes with the past and they thought that this man was not fulfilling the old law. In fact, they thought this man was against all laws, all regulations, all rules; and yes, this man was a danger to society.

Yes, this man was a danger to society. Because the society that has existed up to now is not worth calling a society. It is an ant heap. It is an anonymous mass. People are lost in it, drowned in it. People have lost their souls in it.

When a man becomes part of the mass he has forgotten himself completely. A man has to be a man; a man has to be an individual; a man has to have his own life, his own lifestyle; a man has to have his own way of doing things, his own uniqueness - only then does he fulfill himself, only then does he come closer to God. God loves the creators, not the people who are lost in the anonymous mass and have become part of society, of history, of race, of religion, of church. God would like you to see, to be yourself.

A Hasid master, Joshua, was dying and somebody told him, “Remember Moses so that he can help you. You are going to die, remember Moses.”

Joshua opened his eyes, laughed and said, “Stop all this nonsense! Sooner or later I am going to be encountering God. It is a question of a few minutes or a few hours at the most. I am on my deathbed. Stop all this nonsense. I will be standing before God and God will not ask me, ‘Joshua, why are you not a Moses?’ He will ask me, ‘Joshua, why are you not a Joshua?’”

Yes, God will ask you why you are not you. Why are you somebody else? By being somebody else you remain unfulfilled. By being somebody else you are a traitor to God.

So the real man of God lives his own life, lives intelligently, lives lovingly, lives understandingly, with great compassion - but he has no fixed rules. He is liquid. He is not frozen. How can he judge? Against what? And how?

Just think of it in this way.. If you are a born Jaina or a Buddhist - born, I am saying, not one who has really attained to buddhahood, not one who has tasted something of buddhahood or jainahood - if you are just born a Jaina or a Buddhist, and you see Jesus sitting with his friends drinking wine, what are you going to think? Won’t you judge? You will immediately judge that this man can’t be the son of God. Mahavira never drank wine, Buddha never drank - not even in his dreams - and this man is drinking wine?

If you are a Christian, born a Christian, and you see Mahavira standing naked, you will think he is crazy or something. “Jesus was never naked. This man has gone neurotic. This is not the way a man of God should be. Never in the history of Christianity has there been a naked mystic. So what is he doing, this man Mahavira? He must be wrong.”

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