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Chapter 16: Fear Is Always of the Unknown

But in Soviet Russia they do it more methodologically. And they have done it to people such as Nobel Prize winners - who had intelligence, but an intelligence which was always under control, obedient to the state. And just a single disobedience.because they got the Nobel prize, and the Russian government did not want them to have it because it comes from a capitalist world, and to the government of Russia it seems like a bribe - “This is how they purchase people.” And these are the scientists who have all the secrets of science; the government doesn’t want them to be world-renowned, doesn’t want them to be in contact with other scientists. They don’t allow them to accept the Nobel Prize.

But if the person insists, then the result is that he is put into hospital. He goes on asking, “I am perfectly healthy; why am I being put in the hospital?”

They say, “Because the doctors feel you are going to be sick. The early symptoms are there, you may not be aware.” And they go on injecting the person - he knows nothing of it - and within fifteen days he is mad.

They have made him mad through their chemicals. And when he is perfectly mad, then they produce him in the court saying, “This man is insane, he should be removed from his job and should be sent to a mental asylum.” And then nobody ever hears what happens to these people.

This is doing it scientifically. But every society has been doing it, and the fear has entered into very deep realms of unconsciousness. The work of therapy is to make the person free of that fear. If he is free of that fear he is free of society, free of culture, free of religion, free of God, heaven, hell, and all that nonsense. All that nonsense is significant because of the fear, and to make that nonsense significant the fear has been created.

It is the ugliest crime one can think of. It is being done to every child around the world, every moment. And the people who are doing it have no bad intentions; they think they are doing something for the good of the child. They have been conditioned by their parents and they are transferring the same conditioning to their children.

But basically the whole of humanity stands on the verge of madness. In deep therapy the fear grips suddenly, because the person is losing all the props, supports. The crowd is disappearing farther and farther away; he is being left alone. And suddenly there is darkness and there is fear. He has never been trained, disciplined for being alone, and that is the function of meditation. No therapy is complete without meditation, because only meditation can give him his lost roots, his strength of being an individual. There is nothing to fear, but the conditioning is that you have to be afraid each moment, at each step.

The whole of humanity lives in paranoia. Humanity could have lived in paradise; it is living in hell. So, help the person to understand that it is nothing to be worried about, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is a created fear. Every child is born fearless, he can play with snakes with no fear. He has no idea of fear or death or anything. Meditation brings the person back to his childhood. He is reborn.

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