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Chapter 28: Peace or Mind

And mind is in absolute cooperation with the cheaters, exploiters, because if religion is something like a goal far away, and only special and extraordinary people achieve it, then mind is very happy. That is its desire - to be special, to be somebody extraordinary, higher than others, holier than others, a saint, a prophet, a messiah. The mind is not happy with being just an ordinary and normal human being; it is ready to sacrifice everything to become extraordinary.

But whatever it does it can never become religious, because religion is not there, far away, as a goal.

Religion is your source.

It is your very being.

You are not to achieve it, you are simply to remember it. So when I say to you, you are religious, you have only forgotten it.you have been made to forget it. Your innocence has been covered with all kinds of ugly, stupid theologies; you have been given all kinds of faces. But your original face has been lost in these artificial faces.

Your original face is the face of the religious man. You brought it into the world; you came into the world absolutely natural, pure, innocent, loving. You came into the world playful, nonserious, enjoying the small things of the world - collecting seashells on the beach, running after butterflies, collecting flowers, colored stones - and you were so happy, as if you had found the world’s greatest treasure.

You had unprejudiced eyes, you had an unpolluted heart.

Hence I say again: Religiousness is only a question of remembering what has been forgotten. It is an ordinary human phenomenon. Your mind is cheating you, deceiving you still. Although you are feeling serene, you are feeling peaceful, you are feeling happy, the mind goes on saying to you, “There must be something more.” It will go on saying the same to you even if you meet God - who does not exist. The mind will say, “This god is okay, but there must be some bigger god. This god looks so normal, made in the image of man. There must be a huge god.”

You cannot satisfy yourself if you listen to the mind; if you don’t listen to the mind, right this very moment, contentment is yours. You can choose between the misery of the mind.because mind will always remain miserable, asking for more and more; that desire is unending.

I had a friend who was a very rich man. He was not born rich; he was a poor man’s son, and we were friends when he was a poor man’s son. He was adopted by one of the richest families in India because they had no son. Suddenly he became the richest man in India. He should have enjoyed it. He would not have been able to attain such great riches even if he had worked for hundreds of lives. Suddenly he got it without any effort - but he was not happy. He wanted more.

Just money was not enough, he wanted to become a great leader too. And he had the money, so he fought the election and became a member of parliament. But that was not enough. Again more: he wanted to be a cabinet minister. Because of his money he managed to become a deputy minister - but that was not enough.

He told me, “I want to be a cabinet minister.”

I said, “Do you think that will be enough?”

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