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Chapter 8: Beyond the Rhythms of the Mind to Being

The second question:

You have said that Patanjali’s yoga is a complete system.
Yet nowhere does he seem to talk about the yoga of kissing.
Can you explain this?

For that, Patanjali will have to be born as an American. Only then can he write the yoga of kissing. Such foolish things exist only in America, nowhere else: yoga of sex, yoga of kissing, yoga of anything - cooking. But you will have to wait a little - some fool is bound to.

The third question:

How can one be total yet not extreme in all that one experiences?

Don’t be worried. Just be total, and you will never be extreme. Ordinarily, if you think about it, it appears that if you become total you will become extreme - because you don’t know what totality is. Totality always happens in the middle. It is a phenomenon of the middle, because totality is balance. On the extreme it never happens; on the extreme you can never be total. Try to understand it.

You love someone: you can be extreme in love, but that will not be totality because love has another part to it, that is hate. So you can move to one extreme, that is love; it will be one extreme. Sometimes you can hate the same person. You can move to another extreme and you can hate completely - or it appears to you that you are in complete hate - but that too is part. The whole phenomenon is love-hate, together.

If you choose one, you have chosen one extreme. My left hand and my right hand, they both belong to me. If I choose the left, I lean towards the left; if I choose the right, I lean towards the right; and when I don’t choose any, I stand in the middle. Then both hands belong to me, but I don’t belong to them. If you choose hate you have chosen one part. If you choose love you have chosen another part.

And this is the trouble: if you choose hate, sooner or later you will fall in love. If you go on hating the enemy long enough you will fall in love. If you go on loving the friend long enough you will hate. Because one cannot remain on one extreme for long. That’s why lovers fight and enemies are also deep down lovers. They cannot be without the enemy; they cling. Love in reverse - but it is love.

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