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Chapter 8: Now Here

On the wall of his sitting room in big letters he had written “God is nowhere” just to start an argument with anybody. Whosoever the visitor was he was bound to ask him, “What do you mean by writing this?” It was impossible to overlook it - such big, bold letters. The whole wall was covered with big letters: “God is nowhere.” Everybody was bound to ask, “God is nowhere? What do you mean? Are you an atheist?” And that was enough to start the argument. And he was really very skillful at arguing.

Atheists are always more skillful as far as argumentation is concerned than the theists. Theists are believers; they are gullible people. Atheists believe in logic and nothing else, and logic knows only how to deny. Logic has no idea of how to say yes. The word yes does not exist in the logician’s mind, only no.

Then a child was born to the great atheist, and the child was learning language. It was difficult for him to read the whole word nowhere; it was such a big word. One day he was trying to read “God is nowhere.” Seeing that the word was too big, he divided it in two; he read instead “God is now here.” “Nowhere” turned into “now here”! And he must have been in a certain beautiful space, in a certain silent space; he started thinking about now and here, he became interested in the phenomenon of now and here. “What is ‘now’? What does it mean?” He had never experienced now and he had never experienced here.

And that is the case with millions of people in the world: they think of the yesterdays and the tomorrows; they never experience the now. They think of every other place; they never think, they never experience, they never taste what it means to be here.

This child opened some doors of the greatest mystery of life. The philosopher forgot about God, he forgot about arguing against God; his whole interest started revolving around now and here.

And there is only one way to know what is now and what is here, and that is meditation. One has to become utterly silent, because mind is always going either backwards or forwards; either it moves into memories or into imagination. It never stays here, it never remains in the now, for the simple reason that to be in the now means the death of the mind. It is afraid of the now, it is afraid of the present.

Slowly slowly he learned the art of being now and here. And the day he succeeded in being now and here he experienced God.

My suggestion to you is forget about nirvana. Nirvana means something that will happen after this life - don’t be concerned about it. Be concerned about this moment, because this is the only true moment there is, and enter into it. And that very entrance is the entrance into nirvana. And once you have found it, nobody can take it away from you.

Then you can remain a judge, you can become a doctor, you can be whatsoever you want to be; it does not matter. There are great stories.

One Chinese parable says:

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