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Chapter 24: The Third Alternative: The Whole Man

The more sex repression, the higher becomes your cultural development. This became a proof for religions that sex repression is something absolutely needed; otherwise you will be simply barbarians. And in a way it is true, factually true. Hence, naturally, the question arises.

I am not against sex. To me sex is as sacred as everything in life.

There is nothing profane, nothing sacred.

Life is one - all divisions are false.

And sex is the very center of life. So you have to understand what has been happening down the centuries. The moment you repress sex, your energy starts finding new ways to express itself. Energy cannot remain static. This is something of a fundamental law: energy cannot remain static, it is always dynamic, it is dynamism. If you force it, and close one door upon it, it will open other doors; but you cannot keep it in bondage. If the natural flow of the energy is prevented, then it will flow in some unnatural way. That is why sex-repressive societies became richer.

When you repress sex you have to substitute something for your love, some object. Now the woman is dangerous, she is the way to hell. Because all the scriptures have been written by men, it is only the woman who is the way to hell. What about men?

I have been telling Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, that if woman is the way to hell, then only men can go to hell; women can never go. The way always remains wherever it is, it never goes anywhere. People go on the way. We say that this way goes to that place, but that is a linguistic fallacy: the way never goes anywhere, it simply lies down there. People go. So if women are the way to hell, then hell must be full of only men. It will be just a male-chauvinist club.

Woman is not the way to hell, but once your mind is conditioned in that way, you are going to project the woman into something else; you need an object for your love. Money can become your object of love.

Why is there so much greed? Why are people clinging to money like crazy? It is their love object. Somehow they have managed to move their whole life energy towards money. Now you want them even to drop money; again they will be in trouble.

Politics becomes their love object. Rising higher and higher in the political bureaucracy becomes their love object. The politician looks towards the presidentship, the prime ministership, with the same lust as a lover looks to his or her beloved. This is perversion. Somebody may become directed into other ways, such as education; then books become his love object.

Somebody may become religious; then God becomes his love object. And if you look into the lives of your so-called saints you will be really puzzled. I am always surprised why a man like Sigmund Freud missed this point. He should have looked into the lives of Saint Teresa, Saint Meera and other women saints first, because women are more straightforward.

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