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Chapter 6: The Irrational Rationalist

You can ask what is the purpose of this intelligent universe. The scientist David Foster says: “To become more intelligent.” I love this answer. This is what the mystics have always been propounding. From unawareness to awareness.from unintelligence to intelligence.there is the way and there is the goal. The Upanishads say: “Tamsoma jyotirgamay” - “O master of the Universe, take me from darkness to light.”

What do we mean when we say “God is”? We only mean that the world is intelligent, nothing else.

Now, Dr. Kovoor has a very childish idea of God, and he goes on demolishing that idea - and without ever bothering about the fact that that is not my idea. It seems he has not read anything of whatsoever I have been saying. Through his article I could not gather that he has read anything. What type of rationalist is he? He is ready to condemn me and criticize me, and without ever having read anything. At the most, it seems that he has read a few reports of journalists in the newspapers - and that too it seems was many years ago because for years I have not been conducting meditation sessions and he says I conduct meditation sessions and I hypnotize people! He is not aware of what I am doing here. This is not a rationalistic approach.

And he says he believes only that which is proved objectively. In the article, he mentions that fifty years ago, his wife conceived a son from him, and now that son is still alive and still healthy and “still growing and proliferating independently as Dr. Aries Kovoor.” Now, he says he believes only in the objective truth. The mother knows; the father only believes. The son is never an objective fact for the father. Dr. Kovoor’s wife may know to whom the son belongs, but not Dr. Kovoor. Dr. Kovoor, you may be misguided by your wife! And women are very strange creatures. What objective proof have you that this is your son? There is no possibility of any objective proof. You trust, you believe.

God cannot be proved objectively, that’s true. Nobody is trying to prove him objectively. In fact, if God is proved objectively, he will be no longer God. Then he will become a thing. Then you can dissect God in your lab, you can dissect God in the scientist’s laboratory. You can analyze; then it will not be God at all.

We are not saying that God exists as a person; at least, I have never said so.

Now, he goes on saying that “Osho holds the foolish view that through meditation man can ‘feel the very core of existence’.” If this is the foolish view, then Buddha is a fool and so is Krishna and so is Christ, so is Lao Tzu, so is Chuang Tzu, so is Zarathustra, and so is Mohammed, because they all hold the view that through meditation you can come to the very core of existence - because through meditation you come to your innermost core of intelligence. Through meditation you become so silent that your own intelligence is revealed to you. In that very revelation, God is revealed.

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