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Chapter 5: A Still Mind: The Door to the Divine

To me, the society which gives you an inherent freedom about the subconscious is good and religious. But no society gives it, so no society is really religious. Every society is totalitarian, and every society takes your mind in such a way that you become just an automaton - and you go on thinking and deceiving yourself that your thoughts are yours. They are not! Even the very language we use is contaminated, the words we use are contaminated. We cannot use a single word without the subconscious being there. It comes suddenly. Society uses it very cunningly, and then your reactions, your reflexes, are not spontaneous.

You are passing along the road and in the distance you see a woman coming out of a shop. Your mind begins to feel and say that she is beautiful, and then suddenly you recognize that the woman is your sister. Now, suddenly, she is not a woman at all. What has happened? The word “sister’ has come in. Now she is not a woman at all. And with the word ‘sister’ the subconscious has many, many deep associations. Suddenly something has happened. What has happened? The woman is not a woman now, because a sister is not a woman. How can a sister be a woman? Nothing has changed outwardly, but a word has dropped in.

Then you recognize that you were deceived by the dress, she is not your sister. Again something else comes up: she is not your sister! Now she again becomes beautiful. How can a sister be beautiful? And when you say beautiful, you mean now you are sexually interested. Now she can potentially be a sexual object. The possibility grows.

Even the words we use are loaded with the subconscious. That is why, in the hospitals, for nurses we use the word sister - just so that they cannot be made objects for sexual interest. Otherwise it will be difficult for them and more difficult for the patients. Nurses are constantly moving here and there. If they constantly become sexual objects, then it will be very difficult for the patients also. So we just play a trick: we call them sisters. The moment they are sisters they are not women. The very word is loaded.

This subconscious mind is constantly working, day and night. The mind’s working is double. One working belongs to your conscious mind. It is concerned with how to control the subconscious consciously, constantly. Then the subconscious is controlling the conscious mind. It is working to control your reactions, your actions, your reflexes, everything; whatsoever you are doing must be controlled. This is the society’s grip on you. You are just moving in society’s hands. No value is yours. How can it be? How can a value be yours when you are not at all aware? Only awareness can give you authentic, individual values.

All these values are supplied. If the society is vegetarian, then you have vegetarian values. If the society is nonvegetarian, then you have nonvegetarian values. If the society believes in this, then you are a believer in it. If the society doesn’t believe, then you are a disbeliever. But you are not; only society is there.

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