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Chapter 16: To Be Natural Is Beautiful

This has been my observation, that if the husband or the wife becomes a sannyasin and the other does not, it creates a very small rift. In the beginning one may not be aware of it, but one has started moving in a different way, and I don’t like that because later on that can create trouble. So I always emphasize that if a couple can go together into sannyas it is more beautiful.

My sannyas is not a renunciation or an escape from life. On the contrary, it is to live life as intensely, as passionately as possible. So if a couple can become sannyasins things grow very fast, and they become closer than they have ever been before. You can never become close to a person unless you start moving in the same direction. You may love a person and you can move into separate dimensions, but then your meeting will be just sometimes, and on the periphery - then you go your own way.

When a couple starts becoming so deeply in tune with each other that they are growing in the same direction, then love grows and becomes more and more divine, less and less lustful. Then love has a purity, a fragrance, and then it is eternal. You can die, but the love never dies.

But wait until you can accept it in toto.

The saffron robe is part of it and does tremendous work. It changes your whole person; it is not just a change of dress. A dress is not just a dress, it is a very style of life. Your clothes are you: they show your choice, your mind, and they are not just accidental.

A man who lives at ease, relaxed, will always have loose clothes. A man who lives in tension, who is always struggling and fighting, will have tight clothes. If you want to fight, loose clothes won’t be helpful, they will become a hindrance. And if you want to relax, tight clothes won’t allow you. Watch a person who has loose clothes walking. He has a different walk, a grace in it. A person who has tight clothes walks as if he is trying to overtake himself.

In the old palaces, for the king there were certain stairs, and for the servants others. For the servant the steps were very little, for the king there were very big steps, because he would be wearing such loose clothes that he had to move very slowly.

Each and every thing that you do - your clothes, your furniture, your room, your hair - is you. You are written on everything. So when I change the name and the clothes I am trying to change your whole way of life. In a very subtle way I am trying to create a break between your past and your present, so that the past drops and you can start afresh.

If you love your husband, soon you will start loving orange clothes!


Members of the Enlightenment Intensive group are present. Osho speaks first to a sannyasin who is a former catholic priest.

Were you in the group? Come here! Anything to say, any experience?

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