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Chapter 8: The Fear of Happiness

It would be simpler. He could go on creating buddhas like Ford cars. They could go on coming through the assembly line: one car after another, one buddha after another! That would be good. But God is not interested in it. He never creates the Buddha again - have you observed? He never creates, he never bothers to create, a Jesus again. Why?

There is no need to repeat. All repetition is dead. He goes on creating the new, the novel. He creates you! He’s more interested in you than in creating more Buddhas or more Christs. And remember, he will not repeat you either, so while you are here, be true and authentic. Be yourself.

I have heard one story..

An American made a beautiful teacup and then he wanted to mass-produce it. But to mass-produce it in the States would have been very expensive, so he sent it to Japan to be mass-produced.

But in the transit, the cup handle was broken, and the Japanese, as you know, are perfect imitators. They mass-produced it exactly as it was: with the handle broken. They repeated it exactly as it was!

This has been going on. God goes on creating the new, God goes on creating the novel, God goes on creating you, and the imitators in the churches and the temples go on saying, “Be like Jesus, be like Buddha, be like this” - and in the transit, everybody’s handle is broken. The transit: two thousand years. Even if Jesus comes back, he will not be able to recognize the Jesus that is worshipped in the churches. Impossible. Jesus was a totally different man - alive. Churches go on worshipping somebody who was never there. It is their invention.

Why do I go on speaking on Jesus, Buddha or Krishna, or Zarathustra or Lao Tzu? This is the reason: I would like to bring you Jesus as he was before the transit: unbroken, complete - before the priests entered.

In one of my friends’ houses, there is a very valuable painting, a seventeenth-century painting of a great master - very precious - and he loves it so much that he’s always afraid even to clean it. Something may be destroyed and it is old and very fragile.

But much dust had gathered on it and an expert had to be called, and when the expert started cleaning it, a new problem arose. The paint started peeling off. The expert was very worried, and he said, “Should I stop?”

I was staying with the friend. I said, “Don’t stop. Go ahead.” The friend was not there, otherwise he would have stopped him.

But the expert said, “It may be destroyed.”

I said, “Don’t be worried. Just go ahead, because I can see something else behind the painting.”

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