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Chapter 14: Enlightenment: A Simple Realization

The stars are in accord with the grass leaves, the earth is in accord with the sky, the rivers are in accord with the mountains. Everything is in such accord that existence is an orchestra. Everything is rhythmic, in tune. Existence is music. That experience is enlightenment. And you are not separate from it like an observer, like a spectator. The observer and the observed are one, the seer and the seen are one - you are it.

It is a great participation. You have fallen into the whole and the whole has fallen into you. The drop has dropped into the ocean and the ocean has dropped into the drop. It is impossible to say anything more about it. It is impossible to say, in fact, anything about it. It can only be experienced.

But, please, don’t go on postponing it, because it is available now. Now or never, remember.

I know you have been taught continuously - this is a kind of hypnosis in which you are living, you have been hypnotized by the society - you have been made goal-oriented, you have been forced to become ambitious, you have been taught to be competitive, so you are afraid. You are afraid: “I worry that others will reach before me.”

You are not much concerned with your own enlightenment; you are much more concerned that “Nobody else should reach before me.” Now, in the world of enlightenment such a competitive mind cannot even enter, will remain thousands and thousands of miles away. It needs a noncompetitive spirit. It needs that you drop all comparisons, because when you become enlightened you will be totally alone, nobody else will be there - not even your beloved, not even your friend. Nobody can be there; you will be utterly alone.

And it is not a question of who attains “before,” because enlightenment has no before or after. Those are time phenomena. Enlightenment is always now - why think of before and after? This very moment.let it sink in you. And all that is needed on your part is total receptivity. Fling all doors open, let the sun come in, and the wind and the rain.

Enlightenment is not like money, is not like political power. It is not like anything that you know in life - it is absolutely unlike anything that you have known or will ever know. It is unique in the sense that nothing like it exists in existence. It is just itself; it cannot be compared with anything. It is its own comparison.

But the problem is: how to drop this hypnosis? How to drop this conditioning? Watch it. See how it is torturing you, how it is making you more and more miserable every day, and how it is creating barriers between you and that which is. Just go on seeing it.

No other positive method is needed - just an insight that your whole mind is a misery-creating factory, that it manufactures misery and nothing else. Once you have seen it through and through, that very seeing becomes a transformation. You simply turn in. You drop the mind, or it drops of its own accord because you have seen the futility of it. And even if for a single moment the mind is not there, enlightenment is there.

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