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Chapter 10: Not Spiritual Guidance but Spiritual Presence

When we go inside the atom there are three divisions: the electron, the neutron, and the positron. It was thought that they must be following a set discipline, just as we find in every material thing. But strangely enough, they are very individualistic. Sometimes they behave in one way, sometimes they don’t behave in the same way.

And one thing that is of tremendous importance for you to remember is - it is just like when you are taking a bath, with the door closed, nude, enjoying the freedom of being alone, making faces before the mirror knowing that nobody is seeing you. But then suddenly you become aware of a noise near the door and you see two eyes looking through the keyhole. Suddenly you are no longer the same, you have changed. Now you cannot make faces before the mirror.

What has happened? An observer changed your behavior. We can understand this because you are a conscious human being and you were behaving in a certain way with the knowledge that nobody was watching. Once you see that somebody is watching, you start behaving the way you are supposed to behave.

Making faces before the mirror is very childish. There is nothing wrong about it; it is not a sin. It is your mirror, it is your face, you are not doing any harm to anybody. But certainly the observer instantly changes you. You start doing other things just to look busy, as if you are doing meaningful things. Just a moment before you were doing meaningless things, now you are doing meaningful things.

The same was discovered in the innermost core of the atom: the electrons behave differently when there is no observer. And the moment the scientist and his instruments make them aware that somebody is observing, they change their rules; a sudden transformation takes place.

This was very shocking to the scientists because electrons are supposed to be particles of electricity: that’s the meaning of electron. They are supposed to be material, but they are behaving with such great consciousness. And as the work progressed, many more things became noticeable.

You go from point A to point B - certainly you exist between point A and point B when you go from point A to point B. You must exist between the two; otherwise how can you reach point B? It was found that in the inner world of the atom this is not applicable. The electron moves from point A to point B but between the two he disappears; he is no more, he is non-existential. This is very absurd, illogical; it does not suit a good electron to do such a mischievous thing - that moving from point A to point B, in the middle you simply disappear, and no trace is found.

Because of this, science fiction became very prominent. In many languages that kind of fiction was written. And it seems possible - if electrons can disappear, why not you, because you are nothing but millions and millions of electrons, you are a crowd. And if a single electron can do such a thing, perhaps one day it will be possible.. And that is the only way that man can hope to reach some faraway star. Traveling by traditional bullock cart means won’t do, you cannot reach.

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