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Chapter 16: The Western Mind and the Eastern Mind

The Hindu mind reaches to brahman, to the absolute. If you go on synthesizing, then ultimately the absolute, the whole, is reached. If you go on dividing, then the last particle, the last divisible particle, is the atom. If you go on adding, then brahman, the ultimate, the absolute, is reached.

The Greek mind could develop into a scientific mind because analysis helped. The Hindu mind could never develop into a scientific mind, because synthesis can never lead to any science. It can lead to religion, but not to science. The Western mind is the development of the Greek seed.

So logic, conceptualization, thinking, rational analysis, they are the foundations for the West. Experience, not thinking, is the foundation for the Indian mind. So I would like to say that the Hindu mind is basically nonphilosophic - not only nonphilosophic, but, really, anti-philosophic. It doesn’t believe in philosophizing, it believes in experiencing.

You can think about love, you can analyze the phenomenon, you can create hypotheses to explain it, you can create a system about it. To do this it is not necessary to be in love yourself. You can be an outsider, you can go around observing love, and then you can create a system, a philosophy about love. And Greeks say if you yourself are in love, then your mind will be muddled. You cannot think. Then you cannot be impartial. Then your personality will enter into your theory - that will be destructive to it.

So Greeks say be as if you are not. Be out of it completely, totally. Don’t get involved. To know about love it is not necessary to be in love. Observe the facts, collect the data, experiment on others - you remain always outside, then your observation will be factual. If you yourself are in love, then your observation will not be factual. You are involved, you are part of it, you are prejudiced.

But the Hindu mind says unless you are in love, how can you know love? You can observe others’ love, but what are you observing? Just the behavior of two persons who are in love. You are not observing love - just the behavior of two persons who are in love. They may be just acting; you cannot know whether they are acting or really in love. They may be hiding their real hearts. You can see their faces, you can listen to their words, you can look at their acts, but how can you penetrate into their heart? And if you are not capable of penetrating into the hearts, how can you know love? Sometimes love is absolutely silent and sometimes the deception of love is very vocal.

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