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Chapter 4: From Sex to Superconsciousness

The Mother’s disciples were coming to touch her feet, and sometimes a disciple would get so ecstatic just by touching her feet that he would start rolling, and sometimes his head would fall into the Mother’s lap. And Morarji was horrified. He thought in his mind, “So that’s why they are looking so ecstatic - just rolling in her lap. Her shapely, beautiful thighs.” That’s what he saw. He went away - “This is not spirituality. These people are sex obsessed. This is a vulgar expression of sexuality.” That’s all that he saw in the Mother and the disciples; he could not see anything more.

And that was when he was young. Now fifty years have passed, and fifty years’ constant repression of sex has become a wound in him. He is boiling within with sexuality.

When I read this question from Anand Maitreya I was reminded of a few stories I would like to tell you.

“It is an outrage the way those nudists are carrying on in that apartment,” the old woman told the policeman when he answered her call. “I am ashamed.”

The cop looked out of the window and could see nothing but a vast courtyard, a road, and an apartment building in the distance. “I can’t see a thing,” he shrugged.

“Of course you can’t,” the old woman replied. “But just have a look through these binoculars and you will see plenty.”

What he has seen in the book From Sex To Superconsciousness is nothing but his own mind reflected in it. There is nothing indecent, but the very idea of sex creates in his mind the feeling of indecency. Maybe the very word “sex” revives something in him that has been repressed, that he has been sitting upon. The very word must be creating a ripple. All those repressed feelings, instincts must be surfacing. That’s why he thinks it is indecent. It depends on you.

There are people who go to Khajuraho and think it is indecent. It is not. It is one of the most beautiful and one of the most spiritual temples in the world. If you look into those stone statues, yes, there are both things present, those statues represent the lowest and the highest: they are from sex to super-consciousness. But the person who is obsessed with sex - and all repressive persons are obsessed - will not be able to see anything else other than the sex. He will miss the real point. The real point is in the faces, in the eyes turned upward, in those beautiful faces in which orgasmic ecstasy has been sculptured. The stones have become sermons.

But it depends on how you have lived. Have you lived a life of affirmation? Then you will be able to see. If you have lived a life of negation, then it will be impossible for you to see.

An ancient Sufi parable:

Jalal, an old friend of Mulla Nasruddin’s, called one day. The Mulla said, “I am delighted to see you after such a long time. I am just about to start on a round of visits, however. Come, walk with me, and we can talk.”

“Lend me a decent robe,” said Jalal, “because, as you see, I am not dressed for visiting.” Nasruddin lent him a very fine robe.

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