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Chapter 4: The Good Wife

So don’t be for or against, just try to understand. Wherever there are opposites, always remember not to choose one opposite against the other. You will be wrong. It doesn’t make any difference which one you choose; for me, to be at the extreme is to be wrong. Both the monks were wrong. But I was not there.. They must be arguing the same argument somewhere in other bodies, because this type of argument cannot be concluded.

That’s why people who say there is God have not proved anything, and people who say there is no God also have not proved anything. Because God both is and is not - life and death, positive and negative, presence and absence - that’s why they have not been able to prove anything. Both parties have been continuously arguing. Millions of ages have passed and not a single conclusion has been reached through philosophical argumentation. You can go on and on.if you have a clever mind you can go on and on. Mind never reaches any conclusion, it cannot reach. It chooses one part and the other is involved in it; you cannot deny it.

People who say God is not, if they really think that God is not then why bother? But they bother even more: they continuously argue, they write big books, they devote their whole lives to proving that God is not. What type of foolishness.? If God is not, why are you wasting your life proving it?

I know a man who has been writing against God continuously for thirty years. He came to see me and he said, “I would like to have a confrontation with you.”

I told him, “There is no possibility, because whatsoever you say, I will say ‘yes.’”

He said, “Whatsoever I say? What do you mean? - for thirty years I have been trying to prove that God is not.”

I told him, “Whether God is or is not, that is irrelevant, but why have you wasted your thirty years? Now who will give them back to you? There is no God, so you cannot even ask him for another life. But why bother? This is an obsession. You are neurotic. If God is not, simply drop the idea. You just live.”

“No,” he said, “I have to prove it to convince others.”

But if God is not, let others believe. Why are you worried? He was worried, terribly worried: God was an obsession from the negative pole.

And then there are people who go on proving that God is. They too waste their time. If God is, live him! If God is not, then live his absence. Why be bothered?

But no, when mind chooses an extreme it always feels that something is wrong - the imbalance. You have to prove it. Why? - because you feel an imbalance. If God is then the imbalance becomes more apparent, so you try to prove it. You are not trying to convince others, you are trying to convince yourself that there cannot be any imbalance because there is no God. “I am right” - you are trying to prove this. And what is the need? If you are right, what is the need to prove it? You are right, you are happy, you live happily - finished. God will take care of himself.