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Chapter 6: No Belief, No Disbelief

I told the doctor that even if I became sick and was close to death, I would not be treated by him. In my opinion, his doctor’s certificate should be taken away - it was wrong for him to have one. It was very surprising that because of a childhood superstition, he would not go somewhere when somebody sneezed. The ideas acquired in childhood were still working even though the man had become a doctor, an FRCS from London. Two thoughts were present in him at the same time: when somebody sneezed his feet would stop, and yet at the same time he knew very well that it was absolutely stupid, that there was no relation between the two. Both thoughts together and functioned in his mind at the same time.

Thousands of these types of thoughts exist within you, and they are all pulling you in different directions at the same time. You have become very disturbed, that much is obvious. This is why man seems to be absolutely mad. What else can he be? Madness is an obvious consequence. An infinite number of contradictory thoughts from thousands and thousands of years have gathered in the mind of one man. Thousands of generations, thousands of centuries, are living in one person at the same time. A five-thousand-year-old thought and an ultramodern thought from the present time exist simultaneously within him, and there can be no comparison or any harmony between these two thoughts.

Thoughts coming from thousands of different directions have collected within one man. The ideas of thousands of tirthankaras and digambaras, avataras and gurus are residing within him, and all of them have done a unique thing: although they have not agreed on anything else, all the religions, all the teachers, all the preachers of the world have always agreed on one strategy, and that is to tell people to believe in what they are saying. All of them say, “Believe in what we are saying” - they disagree on everything else. A Hindu says one thing, a Mohammedan says something, a Jaina says yet another thing and a Christian says something else, but on this one point they all agree: “Believe in what we say.” All of them say contradictory things and all their contradictory sayings land on man’s being, and all of them shout at him to believe in what they are saying. Man is weak: he believes whatsoever all these people say. They all laugh at each other’s words, but nobody laughs at their own stupidities.

Christians say that Jesus was born out of a virgin girl and that someone who does not accept this will go to hell. The poor listener feels afraid: if he does not accept this point he will go to hell, so he accepts that what these people say is right. What does it matter if a virgin girl gave birth to Jesus or not? There is no need to go to hell over such a point.

The rest of the people of the world laugh at this Christian idea. Mohammedans, Jainas, Hindus laugh at this stupidity. How can a child be born out of a virgin girl? It is absolutely absurd.

But Mohammedans say that while in his body, Mohammed went to heaven sitting on his female horse. Christians, Hindus, Jainas laugh at this - what kind of stupidity is this? The first thing is that a female horse cannot go to heaven. At least if it had been a male horse it might have been able to go. A man can go to heaven, but there is no provision for women to go, so a female horse cannot go to heaven. If it had been a male horse the idea might have been tolerated, it might have been alright.

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