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Chapter 12: A Fellow Traveler

I don’t have any discipline, any rules, any regulations. Somebody coming and becoming a fellow traveler is welcome. If he leaves at some crossroads, we say goodbye to him with the same joy, ecstasy, as we had when he joined us. And we tell him, “Whenever you want, the doors will always be open for you.”

But I have not made the commune. Certainly, when five thousand people are living here, so many arrangements have to be made; but all that credit goes to the sannyasins, I have nothing to do with it.

The adulation that is obviously felt for you here in this community, does that give you a sense of humility or a sense of omnipotence?

Just ecstasy.

I beg your pardon?

Just ecstasy it gives to me. It does not give me a bigger ego; it does not give me the opposite, the humble ego - they are both egos. Sometimes the humble man is more egoistic than the straightforward egoist. As far as I am concerned, it is not adoration. They rejoice, they love me. I am not higher than them; they are my friends, my lovers, on an equal basis as far as I am concerned. Now it is up to them whether to listen to me or not to listen.

One of the things I’m asking, I guess, is what does it do to your head to feel all this love? - as a human being to be the center of so much whatever you call it, love, adoration, adulation?

I rejoice. It is beautiful to have so many hearts beating in the same tune as my heart is beating.

Do you think you would be as happy if you were one of the sannyasins and there was another leader?

I cannot be more happy, I cannot be less happy, because happiness is something that is within me, it is not dependent on anybody. If all the sannyasins are gone I will be happy with the trees, I will be happy with the stars. And I can dance with the trees and the stars; it does not matter, I can dance in my bathroom. I am a happy person.

In regard to the remarks you made earlier about the United States, I would gather that you do comment on politics. I would like to ask you what your feelings are about Rajiv Gandhi and the present government of India.

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