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Chapter 11: Life Gives Unto Life

Look into your own experience. The moments of giving are the most pleasant moments. The greatest joy comes to those who can give without any distinctions. The question is not to whom you are giving, the question is that you are so full, your giving is your overflowing. And overflowing is the dance of life, the song of existence.

Cling to it, hold it, and it is going to die. It needs a continuous movement to live, just like your breathing. Try to hold it, out of fear - who knows whether it will come back or not? - and you will be committing suicide, because you go on giving your breath. And it is a giving, whether you are aware of it or not. And the more you give, the fuller is your giving, the healthier you are, the younger you are.

It is a well-known fact that ordinarily we breathe very superficially. We have almost six thousand small openings in our lungs, but it is very rare that anybody breathes with his full lungs. The healthiest person you know breathes only through two thousand small openings. But the other four thousand openings remain without any oxygen - which is your life. That’s why exercise, or running, or jogging, or swimming helps you, because you breathe deeply. But before you can breathe, you have to empty your lungs of all the carbon dioxide that goes on collecting. If your lungs become full of carbon dioxide you are dead.

The trees around you here also breathe, but they breathe carbon dioxide. So when you breathe out, you are giving to the trees. They need carbon dioxide - without you, they will die. And they exhale oxygen - without them, you cannot live. But in his blindness, man goes on cutting down trees, not knowing that he is cutting down his own life.

I have minutely observed all kinds of people. The miser breathes the shallowest. He clings even to the carbon dioxide which is his death. But we have made up strange things, strange ideas of humanity, and because they have been repeated so often you have completely forgotten to question them.

Do you know that not a single case in the whole history of man has happened that a man has died by heart attack while making love? It cannot be just coincidence. People are having heart attacks in all kinds of situations. The one situation in which the heart attack does not happen is while you are making love. And the simple reason is, while you are making love you start breathing more fully, more deeply. You are giving, and in your giving is your life.

Do not be worried about whether the person deserves it or not. That is the question and the concern of the miser.

I have observed people who are not misers. They will not have heart attacks. Your whole life is an organic unity. Whatever you do, it reflects your whole personality in all directions.

Almustafa is right:

Surely he who is worthy to receive his days and his nights is worthy of all else from you.

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