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Chapter 4: The Triangle of Being

Comparison is a disease. It obstructs, it doesn’t help. So even when you feel it is familiar you also feel, side by side, new flowers of understanding blooming. They bloom in spite of your comparison. If the comparison is completely dropped you are liberated. If you can rightly listen to me, there is nothing else to do; one moment of total listening will be enough - you will be awake. And one moment is enough because that becomes the door for eternity.

The second question:

The words introvert and introspection have morbid connotations. How do they differ from healthy self-awareness and turning within?

In self-awareness, there is no within and no without. You don’t turn within. In self-awareness the within and the without has disappeared, there exists only one. Within and without is the division of the mind, is the division of the analytical mind. What is within and what is without? How do you demark?

So when people say, “Turn withinwards,” they are just using your language to help you, because if they say, “Turn beyond within and without,” it will be almost impossible for you to understand what they mean. But that is exactly what they mean. Self-awareness is a total unity of within and without, the higher and the lower, the valley and the peak. All dualities meet and merge into it.

Yes, introvert has a morbid connotation. It is a morbidity. A person who is an introvert is a person who is incapable to move without. He is confined, closed: a flower which cannot open, a song which cannot burst, a river which cannot flow to the open sea. The introvert is morbid; he cannot relate, he cannot love, he cannot move in the world, he cannot spread. He has no expansion - confined, closed, like a seed, he is not like a tree. But remember, the extrovert is also morbid.

In the western psychology the introvert is morbid but the extrovert is thought to be healthy. That simply shows that this type of psychological thinking has been developed by extroverts - nothing else. They think they are healthy, the opposite is unhealthy. There is an opposite school also in the East. The eastern psychology thinks the introvert healthy and the extrovert unhealthy. But to me both are unhealthy, because both are confined to a certain direction and are incapable to move to the opposite.

To me, health means the capacity to move in all directions. To be healthy is to be whole. The word health comes from the same root as the word whole. To be healthy is to be whole, to be whole is to be all together. So to be healthy means where opposites meet and are no more opposites but are transformed into complementaries.

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