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Chapter 16: Inquire of the Inmost

A person like Meera is living in such love that any inner sources of poison have ceased to exist long ago. Her blood is totally influenced by love, it is full of love; so poison will not be able to enter, it will be thrown out of her body. But Meera is not even aware of all this. If she did know it, then poison would enter her body. Meera does not know that she is being given poison, that she is drinking poison. She is so immersed in her love that she is simply not aware of what is happening to her at the bodily level; she has no knowledge of it.

Try to understand it this way. Supposing a rat bites you and you think that a snake has bitten you; in a case like this, symptoms of a snake’s poison will manifest even though the rat was not poisonous. You can even die. Delusion is enough to kill you.

You will be surprised to know that those people who have studied snakes say that only three percent of snakes are actually poisonous. That is, out of a hundred different species, only three have poison sacs and ninety-seven have none. But the miracle is that a person can still die from the bite of a non-poisonous snake.

That is why snake charmers are so successful. The snake that has bitten a person is not poisonous, but the person’s imagination makes it poisonous. That is why the snake charmers’ charms work. These charms can cure you of your imagination. The snake that bit you was not poisonous, but the feeling that a snake has bitten you acts like a poison. You can even die - because if you are in such a state, the poison glands inside you will release poison. This emotional state can be cured by charms - that’s why the snake’s bite can be neutralized.

And just the opposite also happens. Even if a poisonous snake bites you, if the snake charmer is able to reassure you that the effects of the bite have been warded off by his charms, this assurance can act as a barrier inside you between you and the poison. It can prevent the poison from entering your bloodstream.

You are simply not aware of how much power your mind exercises over your body. The people who have conducted research on hypnosis have obtained miraculous results. They say that if you are put into a hypnotic trance, put to sleep, and an ordinary piece of stone is placed in your hand but you are told that is a burning ember, you will immediately scream and throw the stone away. And I can also confirm this from my own personal experiments, because I have done a lot of work on hypnosis. You will cry out in pain, as if it really were an ember - even though it is an ordinary cold stone. It is understandable that since you were unconscious you believed what I told you, but that your hand should also have a blister - and that blister will be exactly the same as if an ember had really been held in your hand. That blister will last long after you have regained consciousness, it will last just as long as if the mark had been made by a real ember.

And just the opposite also happens. If you are put in a trance and a real ember is placed on your hand but you are told that it is only a cold pebble, then you will not shriek or throw the pebble away, and it will not leave a blister on your hand. Now all the scientists are unanimous in saying that your body simply follows what is going on in your mind.

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