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Chapter 8: Joy in the Morning

Secondly, when he was in opposition he had himself proposed that birth control was the only solution. They cannot be killed, even though because of them the whole of India is suffering from poverty. Now that he was in the ruling party, the prime minister, he could not go against his word. He was in a difficult situation. And by this time the rats had grown far bigger and far more numerous than at the time of Indira.

Right now they are eating three times more than the Indian population. Soon they will starve the whole population, but the politician cowards will not take any step. Morarji put it aside into the file, saying that an investigation should be made of how to introduce birth control to the rats. This is the way of the cunning politicians - always create an investigation committee which does great work in two, three years; then take their report and file it away. By that time most probably the prime minister is gone, and the new prime minister has no obligation to be bothered with any report that had been asked for by the previous one.

It is strange that people can see human beings dying, but they cannot hurt their stupid feelings, which they call religious feelings. The whole idea is so stupid!

The elephant god Ganesh is a myth. The story is that Shiva’s wife was taking a bath. It seems she must have been taking a bath for the first time in her life, because so much dust and rust came off her body. In the bathroom she became playful, and made a statue from that rust and dust. And because she is a goddess, she was able to breathe life into the statue. That is how Ganesh was born.

And she told Ganesh, “I am taking a bath, so you sit down outside on the steps. Your father is out, don’t allow anybody in.” But he had no idea of the father.Who is the father? In fact nobody has any idea who the father is. It is not only Ganesh; everybody simply believes, and often their belief is not the case.

Shiva came, and Shiva is a very angry god.Ganesh stopped him, saying, “My mother is taking a bath.”

Shiva said, “Your mother? I have been gone. How have you been born?” In a rage he cut off the head of Ganesh, and threw the head into the valley - they lived in the Himalayas. He entered the house and asked his wife, “What is the matter? Who was this fellow sitting outside. I cut off his head and threw the head into the valley.”

His wife was very angry. She told the whole story of how she had made him. He said, “My God, I have killed my own son!”

He went in search, but how to find where that head had gone? He just found a small elephant, so he cut off the head of the elephant and put it on top of the child’s body. Being a supreme God, he managed to glue them together perfectly. But because the child was small and the head was too heavy, the child needed some kind of horse or vehicle to carry him, he could not walk with all that weight. And these stupid ideas have prevailed with millions of people.

So Shiva looked around and found a rat, and Ganesh rides on the rat. Such a poor fellow, the rat is carrying such a load.And he is loved and worshipped all over India, most particularly in Maharashtra. Morarji Desai should consult Shiva about how he managed to teach the rat to carry Ganesh.

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