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Chapter 15: Can We Celebrate Now?

I would like to say to the harijans of this country: Please get out of the Hindu fold. And women also should not support Hinduism, because Hinduism has been murdering thousands of women in the name of sati pratha. This is the ugliest thing that anybody can do, forcing millions of women down the centuries to be burned alive on their husbands’ funeral pyres. This is not religiousness. This is simply male-chauvinistic bondage of women - of the poor, of the oppressed.

We waited for three hundred years to get rid of the British Empire. They exploited this country to a point where the Prime Minister, Atlee - under whom India became independent - sent Mountbatten, as Governor-General of India, with a message to make this country free quickly, otherwise, “All its poverty, all its exploding population, all its starving millions will be our burden.” He gave an exact date by which they should move out.

They sucked the blood of this country and their Home Secretary thinks they are a religious people. They murdered and corrupted almost half of humanity without any concern for life. I could not stay at their airport for six hours, so why did they stay in this country for three hundred years? What right had they?

And the same applies to the Brahmins: what right have they to prevent the oppressed of centuries from even entering into temples? What harm they can do? But the whole history of religion is just a history of bloodshed.

A better humanity will be without organized religions; a better humanity will respect the individual, will not take away the dignity of anyone, man or woman, black or white.

Religiousness is something concerned with freedom, concerned with consciousness, with exploring the divine that is spread all over the place - in the trees and in the stars, in the birds, in the rivers and in the mountains. There is one soul: we are part of it.

Nobody is born a Hindu or a Mohammedan, a Christian or a Communist; everybody is born as an innocence. To gain that innocence again is my whole effort here. I call this place really holy and sacred. All other temples are only so-called; they are profane, because they have been committing all kinds of crime against the growth of humanity, its spirituality, its love, its intelligence.

These sutras are concerned with authentic religion; they are concerned with you, in your deepest consciousness, in your flowering as individual roses.

Haikyu said, “Illusion obstructs the Mind;
how can illusion be got rid of?”

The question seems to be relevant and logical because all the buddhas, all the awakened ones, have said that illusion obstructs the Mind. Mind with a capital M means consciousness; not your small mind but the mind of the whole existence.

English is a poor language in comparison to Sanskrit, particularly as far as religious experience is concerned. Sanskrit has a dozen names for different qualities of consciousness, just as Eskimos have twelve names for ice, which no other language needs. Eskimos know its many different qualities; they have lived for centuries in the snow.

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