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Chapter 4: The Three Jeweled Rings

Your bladder is full and pressing, and you start dreaming that you have gone to the toilet. If you don’t dream of the toilet, the pressure is too much; you will have to wake up. The function of the dream is to help you remain asleep.

And that is the function of all other dreams - the dream that the society one day will be classless, the utopia will come, that one day there will be no misery, that one day the earth will become paradise. These are dreams. They are very consoling, comforting. They are like ointment on the wounds, but the ointment is false.

For five thousand years man has been dreaming that way - that the society will change, that sooner or later things will be good, the night will be over soon. But the night continues, the sleep continues. Society goes on changing but nothing really changes. Only the forms go on changing. One slavery changes into another slavery, one kind of oppression changes into another kind of oppression, one type of ruler is replaced by other types of rulers, but oppression continues, exploitation continues, misery continues.

I say religion is the only revolution because it changes man. It changes man’s consciousness, it changes man’s heart. It depends on the individual, because the individual is real and concrete. It does not bother about the society. If the individual is different you will have a different society and a different world automatically. And you cannot change the inner by changing the outer, because the outer is on the periphery. But you can change the outer by changing the center, the inner, because the inner is at the very core of it. By changing the symptoms you will not change the disease. You will have to go deep into man. From where comes this violence? From where comes this exploitation? From where come all these ego-trips? From where? They all come from unconsciousness. Man lives asleep, man lives mechanically. That mechanism has to be broken, man has to be re-done. That is the religious revolution that has not been tried.

You will say, “Then what about all these religions? - Christianity, Hinduism, Islam?” They are again escapes from the real.

When a Jesus comes to the world he brings the real. He wants to change the individual. Jesus goes on insisting that the Kingdom of God is within you: “I am not talking about the kingdom of this world, but of the beyond. Unless you are reborn nothing is going to happen”. He goes on saying to people that the within of your existence has to be changed, transformed, and it can be transformed if you are more awake, more loving. Those two things, love and awareness, can transform your inner alchemy totally.

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