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Chapter 8: This Is the Queen: Cleopatra

Why does this happen? The age is special, the religion you are born into is special, the master you follow is special - the greatest in the world. The book you believe in is written by God himself, not by ordinary human beings. Everything that belongs to you is special - this is how the ego is helped, supported; these are the props.

The country you are born in is special. If you are an Indian, then the country is sacred. If you are English then you know well that you are the best in the world. If you are French, the same.

This happens; and this is such a cunning method that you will not be aware of what you are doing to yourself: making your religion special, you become special. It is not that Christianity is special, in fact it is you who is so special! Because of you Christianity appears to be special. It is not India that is a sacred land, it is because of you, you are so religious! So sacred is your being! Because of you the whole of India becomes a religious country, special. Wherever you were born, the same would have happened. If you had been born in Holland, or in China, the same would have happened.

Try to see into it. The world is always either ordinary or extraordinary, because there is no point in saying that it is always extraordinary, that doesn’t make any difference. If there are ordinary moments then only can some moments be extraordinary. So you can either say that the world is always ordinary, the time ordinary, the country, the religion, everything - or you can say it is always extraordinary, it is the same. because then there is nothing to compare with, to contrast with. And by and by, if you drop these props, suddenly you will disappear. Your country ordinary? Then you cannot walk so heartily as you used to walk. Your language ordinary? Then you will hesitate a little. If everything is ordinary: your birth, your family, this and that, then how can you help the ego to be strong? All props withdrawn - ego falls to the ground.

These are very subtle tricks.

I have heard about a professor, a professor of philosophy at the University of Paris. One day suddenly he told his students: “I am the greatest man in the world!” They could not believe it! This ordinary professor - and at that too, not a professor of physics but of philosophy; nobody comes to study even, rarely, some mad people come, and nobody bothers about his Department, the most neglected in the University, and he is the greatest man in the world? They laughed. They said, “We have always heard that philosophers are a little eccentric, but now you prove it. You are the greatest man in the world? Then what about Richard Nixon? And Mao Zedong? And Indira Gandhi? What about these people?”

He said, “Wait! Whenever I say something I prove it, I am a logician. I will prove it. I have a proof, unless I had a proof I would never make such a statement.”

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