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Chapter 2: Your True, Authentic, Original Face

So while Kasturba was alive, Gandhi was talking about brahmacharya, celibacy. In fact, everybody wants to be celibate as far as his wife is concerned. He wrote a book saying that celibacy is the true life, but it was just the fear of Kasturba and nothing else.

When Kasturba died, he started sleeping with naked women. All his followers have been trying to hide the fact, because they were worried that his image of the father of the nation would fall down into the mud. And unfortunately the three persons who were constantly harassing him not to do this were all from Maharashtra.

One was Kaka Kalelkar, a long-time, lifelong friend of Mahatma Gandhi. The second was Vinoba Bhave, one of the most intimate followers of Mahatma Gandhi. And the third was Dada Dharmadhikari, a man who has been trying to philosophize Mahatma Gandhi’s ordinary statements. All three belonged to Maharashtra, the self-styled cultured and religious society.

But Mahatma Gandhi did not listen to anyone.

Because of his constant repression that he had been calling celibacy.even after fathering five sons he was repressing his sexuality, sensuality, and only repressed people become lecherous.

Once his wife was dead, he forgot all about brahmacharya, celibacy, and started in his old age, at the age of seventy, having sexual dreams. And he is called the mahatma, the great soul - and he started at the age of seventy sleeping with naked young girls, and the whole of his following was trying to hide the fact.

But they could not hide it for a simple reason. Mahatma Gandhi’s secretary, Pyarelal, was one of the most efficient secretaries one can have. But because he fell in love with a woman, Gandhi kicked him out of the ashram. In Gandhi’s ashram nobody can fall in love; that is the greatest sin.

Pyarelal was writing a biography of Gandhi. He knew all the secrets - his sleeping with naked girls - and because he was kicked out of the ashram he may have had some revenge also in his mind. “The man talks about celibacy to the public, and from the backdoor he sleeps with young girls, and the girls have to be naked.”

He wrote the biography, and it is such a big volume, with such accuracy of evidence - almost two thousand pages, two volumes, so it is beyond the reach of the ordinary public. Who is going to read two thousand pages? And the sleeping with the naked girls comes in the last one hundred pages, with all the details - who the girls were, with all the letters that he received from Kaka Kalelkar, Vinoba Bhave, Dada Dharmadhikari, persuading him to stop this practice: “This may destroy your image.”

But it was the last period of his life, and what he had repressed for forty or fifty years had become a volcano. It was beyond his control.

And this man, utterly immature, ignorant, calls me lecherous!

Call Mahatma Gandhi lecherous!

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