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Chapter 19: A Mystic versus America

So we are opening many new dimensions to fight with all kinds of stupidities which are prevalent in the world. We are the only people who should be given tax-exempt status, because we have dropped that bullock cart organizational religion and burned it completely; we have freed individuals to be spiritual on their own.

Do you think a person cannot have the qualities of religiousness without being part of an organization? Do you think by becoming a part of an organization a person automatically gets religious qualities? Then look at history. The religion based on the name of Jesus Christ has killed millions of people in these twenty centuries, burned people alive. It is based on Jesus’ truth, and Jesus was teaching, “If somebody hits you on one cheek, give him the other cheek.” Do you see any relationship between all the crusades, killings, wars, burning towns, burning living people - and Jesus’ statement? This is what happens when truth is organized. It dies.

Truth is something which blossoms only in individual freedom, in the total freedom of your being.

Look at the Hindus. They are still following ancient scriptures, five thousand years old, which are full of ugliness, which cannot be even called human. But because Hinduism is organized, it is a religion. One-fourth of the Hindus have lived, for ten thousand years at least, in a very inhuman way; they have been forced to live in an inhuman way. They are called untouchables. This is religiousness? One-fourth of Hindus cannot take water from the well from which everybody else takes water. They cannot live in the city, they have to live outside the city.

You will be surprised to know that even today there are places which are very orthodox. The untouchables move with a bell in their hand, continuously making people aware that an untouchable is passing: “Please move away. Close your doors.” And they have been forced to have a broom attached to their back so that, when they move, the broom goes on cleaning the road, because they are touching it and it is becoming unholy. They cannot move in all the parts of the city where higher classes live. These people are religious? - and they all have tax-exempt status.

Mohammedans have killed thousands of people, burned thousands of cities, raped thousands of women, forced people to become Mohammedans at the point of the sword. In the fourteen hundred years they have been on the earth they have been just a curse! But they are a religion.

I don’t want any organization. I don’t want you to be political in the name of religion. I want you to be aware that all these religions don’t have any religious quality. The religious quality comes through meditation, and meditation has nothing to do with organization. It is something.you have to go inwards; organization is something outside you.

You need not go to a church to be religious, or to a synagogue to be religious. You have to go inside yourself. That makes one a mystic, a scientist of one’s own interiority. And only the few people who are doing this inner search are truly religious.

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