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Chapter 29: Truth: Not a Highway but a Hill Track

Nobody can save anybody else. That will be against human dignity. If I save you, I am not your friend. I have taken away your birthright - the most important, the most significant glory of your being. I have not allowed you to discover the truth yourself, and I have destroyed you, not saved you.

Truth can be known only as an individual experience. It is just like love. You don’t have organizations of love. Just think of organizations of love! - and they say to you, “You have just to believe, you have not to do anything else. The savior will do everything; he will make love on your behalf.” But truth is an even higher quality.

And people have been telling you, “We will do it on your behalf - you just have faith in us.” That’s why religions are called faiths. And every religion is fake, because whatsoever you do, your doubt will remain within. You can repress it as deeply as possible, but the deeper you repress it, the more dangerous it becomes. The result is fanaticism.

All believers who find that there is still some doubt, somewhere, become fanatic. It is a simple psychology. By becoming fanatic they are trying to repress their doubt below their consciousness. But even if you drive it beyond your consciousness into the unconscious, you are not free of it. In fact, you are more full of it.

All the religions are afraid of reading other religions’ books, listening to other religions’ teachers, for the simple reason that they all differ in their belief systems - they may create doubt in you. They are so afraid of doubt - but it is within you, and the only way to get rid of it is to know the truth of your own accord.

My truth cannot dispel your darkness. You can believe in me - it is cheap. You can believe and console yourself, and waste your whole life in believing. But you will die as ignorant as you were born.

So when I say religion is dead, I mean religiousness is always alive - that is something individual - but religion is always dead. Religion is an organization; religiousness is a search. I want my people to understand the difference very clearly. Howsoever difficult it may be, the only way to find the truth is individual. There are no superhighways, only small footpaths, and they too are not ready-made, available. You create them as you walk.

You cannot walk in somebody else’s footsteps. That is suicidal, because you have a unique individuality, the person you are following has his own unique individuality. His path can never be your path. He can be an inspiration for you, but he cannot be a leader for you. Leaders exist only in politics. The moment leaders start existing in religion, religion is no longer religion. It has become another name for politics.

The most basic thing to recognize is that it is your privilege to find the truth yourself. Only that finding can save you, can release you from all bondage; can make you aware of eternal life, can take you beyond death, can take you into the benediction that existence is.

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