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Chapter 10: Perfection Is Death

Buddha looked at him and became very sad. The man was puzzled, confused. He said, “Why have you become sad? Have I said anything wrong?”

Buddha said, “How can you help people? You have not even helped yourself! You will only harm them in the name of help.”

First bring the light within your being. Let the flame be enkindled in your consciousness.and then you will never ask this question. Then, naturally, your very presence and whatsoever you do will be of great help.

Desire is desire: there is neither material desire nor spiritual desire. It is an ego trip, helping people, and you become holier than others, and you become wiser than others - you know and they don’t know. You want to help because you have arrived and they are all ignorant people stumbling in darkness, and you want to become a light for them. You want to become a master and you want to reduce them into disciples.

If this desire is there, then this desire is not going to help them - it is not going to help you either. It will do a double harm; it is a double-edged sword. It will cut others, it will cut you too. It is destructive, it can’t be creative.

Then there is another kind of help which is not out of desire, which is not out of any ego projection. That kind of help, that kind of compassion, happens only at the ultimate peak of meditation, never before it. When the spring has come to your consciousness, when you are all flowers inside, fragrance starts reaching to others. You need not desire - in fact you can’t help it. Even if you want to prevent it you can’t prevent it. It is inevitable - it will reach to others. It will become a light in their life, it will become a herald of new beginnings, not because you are desiring it but because you are transformed.

The second question:

I want to be a sannyasin, but I don’t want to wear orange or a mala and I don’t want to change my name. Can I be a sannyasin too?

Then why bother? Then believe that you are a sannyasin. Who can prevent you from believing? You can believe anything!

It happened in Baghdad:

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