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Chapter 1: Teacher, Society and Revolution

Every person is pulling the other down. From the peon to the president, everyone is pulling the others down. In this process, if a peon somehow becomes a president, we tell him it is a matter of great pride and dignity for him. Actually there is no greater violence than that of pushing oneself ahead by pulling others back. But we are teaching this violence and calling it education.

In a world based on this violence, if there are continuous wars it is no wonder! If in a world based on this education, when palaces are being built near huts, what is the wonder if people living in a palace are pleased at seeing people living in huts die? So there are poor people and there are others who have so much more and still do not know what to do with it. This is all due to the present education, and the teacher is also responsible for this. For this world which is created by such education the teacher is responsible. He has become an instrument for exploitation. In the name of giving education to the children, the teacher has become an instrument in the hands of the vested interests.

If this is education, then it will be better to stop educating completely. Perhaps that way a man will be better off. An uneducated man living in a forest will be a better man because he has more love and less competition, more heart and less mind.

We call this education! We teach children just the contrary of what we expect them to do; our whole structure teaches contradictory things. What do we teach? We teach sympathy and generosity. But how can a competitive mind be generous and sympathetic? If there is sympathy in the mind of a competitor, how can he compete? The competitive mind will always be hard, violent and non-generous he has to be. Our system is such that we don’t realize that one who is pushing himself forward by pulling others back is a violent man. He is violent, and we are making him ready for violence. This way the factories of education are increasing. We call them schools and universities this is a sheer lie.

These are factories where sick minds are created, and such sick minds are leading the world into a ditch. Violence is increasing and competition is increasing. Everyone’s hand is at everyone else’s throat.

Those who are sitting before me will ask: On whose throats have we kept our hands? But if you look deeply, you will find that everybody’s hand is at the throat of someone else, and that everybody’s hand is in the pocket of someone else. How long will this continue? Where will it stop? From where are these hydrogen bombs and atom bombs coming? From competition and rivalry! It makes no difference whether this rivalry is between two individuals or two nations. It makes no difference who is doing it whether it is Russia or America there is competition and one has to get ahead.

If you are making an atom bomb, we shall make a hydrogen bomb, a super hydrogen bomb, but we cannot remain behind. We are not taught to remain behind. If you kill ten people, we will kill twenty. If you are destroying one country, we will destroy two countries. It means that we are ready to destroy everything, but we cannot remain behind.

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