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Chapter 1: Beyond the Changing

Don’t enforce - enjoy the inner, and then you can understand my approach very easily. It is not a question of forcing. Meditation should not be enforced; you should not start a kind of regimentation, a violent discipline. You are not a soldier, you are a sannyasin!

A sannyasin simply enjoys the inner; he enjoys the outer also. He enjoys! He enjoys the outer and on the same wave of enjoyment he enters the inner - it is the same wave. It is like breathing: the breath comes in and the breath goes out. Do you think these are two separate breaths? It is the same breath that goes out and comes in and goes out and comes in.It is the same breath, it is the same process. The same breath comes in and goes out.

Enjoy the outer, ride on enjoyment, and enter in the inner also with the same joy, with the same dance. Don’t create a division - there is none. All divisions are manufactured by the priests, the hypocrites, the moralists. They go on creating demarcations that: “This is outer and this is inner”. There is no line which can demark what is outer and what is inner; they are part of one process, one whole.

Just as you come out of your house.When it is too cold in the morning you come out of the house to sit in the sun, to take a sunbath. And when it becomes too hot you get up and go in. There is no question of enforcing; just a little awareness that now it is too hot, so you move in, into the shade to the coolness of the house. And when it is too cold inside, just a little awareness and you come out.

Enjoy the outer and the inner in the same way, and go on moving, riding the same wave of enjoyment. And don’t create any distinction - it is the same wave, same reality.

So, go beyond the changing,
and, enjoying the inner.

Don’t make it something very serious. Don’t make a long face because you are meditating, because you are a sannyasin! Look at the pictures of your saints - such long faces that to live with these saints will be a hell! I don’t think these saints can ever enter into heaven, or, wherever they will go they will create their hell. The hell is in their seriousness.

Once Buddha was asked, “What do you say happens when an enlightened person dies? Does he go to heaven?”

Buddha said, “Don’t ask nonsense questions! Wherever the enlightened person is, there is heaven - wherever he is, it does not matter where - wherever he is.If he goes to the hell, the hell will be transformed. His presence carries its heaven around himself.”