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Chapter 2: The Way Is Perfect

Remember, not only have people moved to the extreme, societies have also moved to the extreme. The East has remained introvert, hence the poverty. Who is responsible for it? Millions of men, dying every day. And those who are alive, they are also not alive - they are half starved. Who is responsible for this? - the introverts, the mystics, the poets, who talked too much of the inner and who condemned the outer, who said, “Outside is not for us”; who said, “Outside is wrong”; who said, “The outer world is something to be condemned. Live in the inner.” They raised the inner higher than the outer and the balance was lost.

The East has created introverts, but the outer beauty is lost. You see dirtiness all over in the East. I know how difficult it is for a Western man to come and live in the dirtiness of India. It is dirty - who is responsible? Why so much dirtiness? Why so much disease? Why so much ill health, starvation? - because the outer was neglected.

We were interested in purifying the inner, so: “Why bother about the outer dirtiness? Let it be. It is material, nothing to worry about. We are interested in the inner purity. Why bother about the body? Why bother about others?”

The result is that the East is one sort of imbalance. And the West is another sort: they are extroverts. They have created much wealth never created before, much cleanliness outside, better clothes - emperors may feel envious - better food, better hygienic conditions, beautiful surroundings, everything, but extrovert. And the inner being is poor, the inner being is empty.

So the East goes on teaching the West about the inner being. Eastern gurus go on teaching the West how to meditate, and Western gurus go on teaching the East how to be better engineers, how to be better electricians, how to be better city planners, how to create more wealth, how to advance technologically, how to raise the standard of living. So if you have to learn medicine you have to go to the West; if you have to learn meditation you have to come to the East.

But both are extremes and both are dangerous. Extremes are always dangerous. And the danger is that the wheel can turn, and the East can become materialist and the West can become spiritualist. There is every possibility that this is going to happen, because now the East is turning communist - that is the extreme of materialism - and the West is becoming too much spiritualist. The danger is there: the wheel may turn, because you are fed up with the outside world you want to move inside, you need an inner trip.