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Chapter 2: The Way Is Perfect

Don’t divide the outer from the inner. Sosan says, “Don’t say, ‘I am interested in the outer.’” There are two types of people, and both will be in misery. C.G. Jung divides humanity into two types: one he calls extroverts, the other he calls introverts. Extroverts are interested in the outer. They are active people, worldly - after wealth, prestige, position, power. They become politicians, they become social reformers, they become great leaders, great industrialists. They are interested in things, the outer world; they are not interested in themselves.

Then there are introverts. They are not very active people. If they have to do something they will do, otherwise they have no inclination to do. They would like to remain with closed eyes. They become poets, mystics, meditators, contemplatives. They are not interested in the world, they are interested only in themselves; they close their eyes and they introvert their energies. But Sosan says these both are wrong because they are divided.

A person who is an extrovert will always feel inside that something is lacking. He may become a very powerful man: deep inside he will feel he is impotent, powerless. Outwardly he may accumulate much wealth, inwardly he will feel poor. He may be a great success in the world; deep down, if you inquire, he knows he has been a failure. He is imbalanced, he has paid too much attention to the outer. He has moved in one extreme, and whenever there is extreme there is imbalance.

And the person who has been the poet, a contemplative, a mystic, who has always remained within himself, will always feel something is lacking because he is not rich in the outer world. And the outer world is also beautiful: flowers are there, and stars, and the sun rises there, and rivers flow and waterfalls sing. He is poor because he has been denying the whole universe; unnecessarily, he has lived in his own cave when he could have moved and known the many mysteries, the million mysteries around. He has remained a closed man, enclosed in himself, imprisoned. These two are the extremes.

Avoid extremes. Don’t make a distinction between outer and inner, and don’t become one of Jung’s types, either extrovert or introvert.

Sosan says: Be flowing, balancing. Outer and inner are just like the right and left leg. Why choose one? If you choose one, all movement stops. They are like two eyes: if you choose one then you will be able to see, but your vision is not three dimensional anymore, the depth is lost. You have two ears: you can use one, you can be addicted to the idea that you are a left ear type or a right ear type, but then you lose. Then half the world is closed to you.

The inner and outer are just like two eyes, two ears, two legs - why choose? Why not use both choicelessly? And why divide? - because you are one! The left leg and the right leg only appear to be two. You flow within both - the same energy, the same being. You look through both your eyes. Why not use inner and outer and give them a balance? Why move to the extreme?