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Chapter 34: Truth Cannot Be Humiliated

Otherwise, whatever has been done is perfectly good. But they were not doing all these things to help these people, they were doing all these things to convert these people - to make their numbers greater. Now in India Christianity is the third biggest religion.

They are asking in Nagaland, “We want to have an independent country.” And Christianity, from the outside, is supporting them. Their leaders have been given refuge in London. They are being supplied arms. Their leaders are protected in London because it is now a question of Christians - they are no longer aboriginals - the whole of Christianity will stand behind them.

To help the poor is not bad, but to exploit the poor is certainly evil - and in the name of helping them, converting them to your religion. They don’t understand anything about religion, but because you have helped them so much they feel so obliged that whatever you say must be right. This is a very cunning device.

In India I have been trying to find a single high-caste brahmin who has been converted to Christianity. I have not been able to find one - and I have toured India many times for years.

Not a single high-caste Hindu has been converted to Christianity, because what do you have to give to him? He does not need clothes, he does not need education - he has enough, he can educate you. If anybody is going to learn anything, the Hindu has a long tradition of learning; he can teach you. What do you have to give to him? Naturally no high-caste people have been converted - just the very lowest of the low.

It is not a credit to Christianity.

It is a discredit.

I love the way you demonstrate at every turn just how absolutely untouchable you are. The Americans imprison you, torture you, destroy your commune and clearly assume that you will be humiliated by their treatment of you; but instead, that untouchability shines through, and it is they who are left humiliated - this is so clear from all their continuing anger at you.
You are an impossible enemy! You are that simple truth - that only without ambition is one free to embrace the stars.

One can be humiliated only if one is thinking of oneself as higher than another, holier-than-thou - such a person can be pulled down.

You cannot humiliate a humble person.

There is no way at all.

America has done everything - and is continuing to do it. That simply shows utter foolishness. If they could not humiliate me in their jails, how can they humiliate me outside America? I will turn all their efforts of humiliation upon themselves because there is no other way. I simply don’t accept it.

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