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Chapter 10: My Dance Is Complete

But my people are intelligent enough to manage to come against all odds. And it is your love that is now my life. It is a question whether love wins or the poison.

There is every evidence that from the whole body the poison has disappeared. Just in the hands it is there. It will have to disappear from the hands too, because you cannot destroy an innocent man; existence would not allow it. But I have to be a little careful now about the hands.

Why have they not been able to silence me? Truth cannot be silenced, neither love nor joy. But this is the stupid thing, for centuries people have been doing that: they killed Socrates by poison, but his voice is still ringing in the ears and in the hearts of those who want to understand the deepest meanings of life; they crucified Jesus, but that has not made any difference, in fact it gave a tremendous importance to his teachings.

I want to remind you that whether I am here or not the celebration has to continue. If I am not here, then it has to be more intense and it has to spread around the world.

Celebration is my religion.

Love is my message.

Silence is my truth.

Maneesha has brought the sutra:

Once Nansen said to the assembled monks, “The way is not outside things; outside things there is no way.”

Nansen has a style of his own - apparently contradictory, like this statement: The way is not outside things, with the second sentence: outside things there is no way.

But what he is trying to convey is not contradictory. He is saying that if you are trying to find the Way in the outside things, you will not find it. In the outside things there is no Way, but when you have found the Way, the Way itself becomes part of the outside things. Everything that you are going to find in your meditations becomes outside you. You remain always and always just a witness, and for the witness everything is outside. The witness constantly transcends everything that it reflects.

Joshu, a man who was to become a great master - and by chance, tomorrow we are going to start a series on Joshu, Joshu: The Lion’s Roar - is also a milestone in the history of consciousness, a tremendously brave man who created roaring lions, buddhas of great strength and power.

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