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Chapter 5: Desiring the Unattainable

Desire only that which is beyond you.

Desire only that which is beyond you. Always desire the impossible, because only through that desire do you grow. And what is impossible? Climbing Mt. Everest is not impossible, neither is going to the moon. Both have become possible - someone has reached Everest. Even when no one had reached there, it was not impossible; difficult, but not impossible. It was within human capacity to reach. The moon is within our capacity to reach and man will also reach other planets. That is not impossible, only difficult, but it will become possible. Only one thing is impossible, one thing is beyond you, and that is your innermost self.

Why? I say that the moon is not so difficult to reach - and the moon is so far away - and I say that your innermost self is more impossible to reach, and it is just within you. Why is it, then, so difficult to reach? Because it is within you, that’s why. You only know how to reach what is without. Your hands can reach for that which is without, your eyes can see what is without. Your senses open to the outside, you have no senses for within. Your mind is a movement without, your mind cannot move within. That’s why the mind has to be thrown out. Only then can you enter meditation.

The mind is basically a movement toward the without. You can observe this very easily: whenever you think, you are thinking of something that is outside of you. Whatsoever you think, it is always something outside you. Have you ever thought about anything that is within? There is no need to because you can experience that which is within. There is no need to think about it; thinking is a substitute.

Thinking is a substitute. You can realize that which is within you, just around the corner, if you move your head, you change your direction. From without, you turn within. You can experience it - what is the need to think about it?

But we go on thinking even about the within. We think about what atma is. We think “What is this self?” and we create philosophies and systems. We go on creating theories that the self means “this,” the definition is “this,” and no one tries to feel it. It is so near to you, what is the need of theories?

Theories are needed for the far away because you cannot reach it right now - you have to create a bridge. Theories are needed to reach the moon, theories are not needed to reach the center within you, because there is no gap. There is nothing to be bridged, you are already there. Just a change of attitude and you realize it. Your attention turns and you realize it. There is no need of theorizing, of philosophizing. But we go on creating philosophies. We have created thousands and thousands of philosophies, and philosophers go on wasting their lives thinking about that which was already just within them. They could have jumped within at any moment!

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