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Chapter 3: God Is Just like Tomorrow

The moment you enter to the center of your being, you are no longer an outsider. For the first time you are the insider. God was keeping you outside the truth, outside existence. God was keeping you simply consoled, but consolations are of no help. You need a transformation of being, you need to use your emptiness joyfully, because it opens a door onto the eternal space. It opens a door into your very roots, which are in existence. It suddenly makes you feel at home with the trees, with the birds, with human beings, with stars - with everything around you. The whole cosmos is your very home.

So it all depends on how you use your emptiness. The so-called western existentialists are using it wrongly. They are filling it with misery, anxiety, tension, dread, anguish, angst. First you were full of lies, fictions; at least they were consoling, at least they were giving you some hope, some connectedness with existence. But existentialism is using your emptiness in an even worse way than the religions have used it.

Religions used it to exploit you. Then they were giving you consolation. And there is a price to everything, so they were exploiting you, but you were feeling perfectly happy for centuries, because God was in heaven and everything was all right - he would take care of you.

This consolation, which was false, was not going to change you. It was not going to make you a buddha, it was not going to make you awakened, enlightened, it was not in favor of your spiritual growth - but at least it was keeping you without anxiety, without anguish, without meaninglessness; you were feeling at home. That feeling was a dream.

Now that that dream is destroyed, suddenly you will feel you are alone: there is no God and you don’t know any other way of relating with existence. Your old programming has failed. You need a new insight. You need, instead of prayer, meditation; instead of God, your own consciousness. A pillar of consciousness is going to fill your being. And this will not be a consolation; it will be authentic contentment, it will relate you with existence. You will not feel at all the outsider.

Do you think I feel at all an outsider? I am as deeply involved with existence as one can be. The whole existence has become my very being, my heart is dancing with the heartbeat of the universe.

God was preventing this from happening, this tremendous phenomenon of transformation. God was not a friend to you. God was the greatest enemy, and the priests have been exploiting you.

Now that intelligence understands that there is no God, there is bound to be a small gap in which you have to choose: western existentialism - which is not authentic, it is accidentalism - or you have to look inward the same way every awakened being has looked. You have to stop looking toward the sky; you have to close your eyes and look toward the inner space from where you are connected with existence. Immediately the emptiness will disappear - not only emptiness, you will disappear and then only a dance remains, a celebration of this whole universe.

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