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Chapter 10: Christianity: Just a Nice Jewish Boy’s Hang-Up

Thomas and Jesus both brought to India the word messiah which became masiha. It happens, when a word changes from one language to another language, it has to be adapted to the whims of the other language. Messiah will not fit in Hindi; masiha fits. Messiah would have remained something foreign, but masiha is transformed, is no more foreign; and the Christians have been called for two thousand years, Masihi.

What I want to point out is that Jesus had no idea, not at all, what a Christian is, what a Christ is. He had never heard those words. In that sense Nietzsche’s statement is not right. In the same reference I would like to say to you: although I have heard the word Rajneeshee, I am neither the first nor the last.

I don’t belong to any group, any religion, any organization. Even in your commune I am an outsider, just a guest - a guest of Rajneeshees.

I am not a Rajneeshee.

A Christian is comparable to a Hindu, to a Jew, to a Buddhist, to a Jaina, to a communist even, because they all believe in tight organizations. They all believe in one leader, one prophet, one messiah, one God, one holy book. Nietzsche’s statement cannot be applied to me because as far as Rajneeshism is concerned there is no God, there is no holy book, there is no messiah.

I am not a messiah.

To be a messiah, first a God is needed.

I have left myself without a leg to stand on by declaring that there is no God. Now I cannot declare myself a messiah; that possibility is closed. It is God who sends messiahs and messengers - and now there is nobody. There is nobody above me and there is nobody below me.

There are only two ways to be superior. Either you are sent from high above, from the great boss, as Jesus is sent, as Mohammed is sent.. They come from the great boss, with all the powers invested in them. That is one way to declare yourself superior to others. All are not begotten sons of God, it is only Jesus. All are not messiahs, it is only Jesus.

Jesus is declaring his superiority: you are just sheep; he is the shepherd. He is the only shepherd; amongst millions of sheep, the only shepherd. I don’t like such company. Millions of sheep and I am the only shepherd? What kind of company is this? - and you are judged by your company. Even if you are a shepherd it is not much to brag about, but it is a way to prove yourself superior.

The other way is followed by the Buddhists and the Jainas, because neither of them believe in God, so that possibility is closed. They have found another possibility, and that is the tirthankara - the Jaina equivalent to the messiah - who is not sent by God, because there is no God, but who attains to the same state of cosmic consciousness through millions of lives’ effort. You are millions of lives behind him, below him. It will take millions of lives for you to be able to reach that state.

That is the other way of declaring superiority - perhaps far better a way, because it is so arduous. To become a messiah all that you need is a retarded mind, stupid, stubborn - and you can declare yourself

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