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Chapter 25: Freedom Is Your Inner Nature

Every lover feels like that in the beginning, and that is the foolishness of all lovers. Every lover feels perfectly in tune - that you were made for each other. Just within a week things start changing. But if you want to try as an experiment, work together(.

I’ve done that before - it didn’t work. Lots of things came up for me though, and I like exposing different parts of myself to her.

Love should never become part of any technique. It should have a different world of its own, a shrine. It should not become part of the work world - never. It should remain a poetry, and not be brought into the marketplace.

I’m very excited to think that we can come to you with problems that come up between us. We are ready to do whatsoever you say(.

Mm mm, you can always come, but you have to listen to me! If you listen to yourself it is useless. So this is the beginning of the listening: You have to work separately.

Use your energy creatively, and more is always given to you. Life believes in affluence. The whole of life is tremendously luxurious. Flowers are not needed, and there is no particular need for butterflies, for birds and songs, for peacocks dancing and cuckoos singing. It all seems superfluous.

But in a thousand and one ways, existence goes on blooming. Life believes in being abundant, in overflowing, and those who want to move with life should remain overflowing, spendthrift. Never be miserly, be a spendthrift.

One more question. I was wondering if we could have a week off to go to Goa.

No need. Never go on a honeymoon, because that finishes everything.

In India we have the wisdom of ages. Divorce was not known, because there was a trick to marriage, and it was this: there was no honeymoon in the beginning, and no possibility of husband and wife being together in the day. People lived in joint families, and it was disrespectful for the husband and wife to be together in front of the elderly people.

There are cases of the husband not having seen the wife’s face for years, because in the night, only in the dark, they would meet, and that too like thieves. Their love always remained a stolen love, and it carried a thrill. Whenever love is stolen it has a tremendous beauty.

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