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Chapter 4: Apologies

This has happened to you all, to the whole of humanity. You cannot neigh, and unless a horse neighs the horse is dead, because neighing means he is enjoying, there is an overflowing. But you cannot neigh, you are dead. Your life is not an overflowing song in any way, a dance that happens when the energy is too much.

Flowering is always a luxury, it is not a necessity. No tree needs flowers as a necessity, roots are enough. Flowering is always luxurious. Flowers come only when the tree has too much, it needs to give, it needs to share.

Whenever you have too much, life becomes a dance, a celebration. But society doesn’t allow you to dance, to celebrate, so society has to see that you never have more energy than necessary. You are only allowed to live at starvation level. You are not allowed to be too much, because once you are too much you cannot be controlled, and society wants to control you. It is a very subtle domination.

Every child is born overflowing. Then we have to cut the energy source, we have to prune the child from here and there so that he becomes controllable. And the root of all control is to divide the child in two. Then you need not bother, he himself will do the controlling. Then you need not bother, he himself will be the enemy of his own self.

So they tell the child, “This is wrong. Don’t do this.” Suddenly the child is divided, now he knows what is wrong, now he knows what part of his being is wrong, and his head becomes the controller.

Through division intellect has become the controller, the master. If you are undivided, you will not have any head. Not that the head will disappear or the head will fall off, but you will not be head-oriented - your total being will be you.

Right now you are only the head, the rest of the body is just to sustain the head. The head has become the exploiter, the dictator. And this has come through conflict, the creation of conflict in you. You have been taught that this is good and that is bad. The intellect learns it and then the intellect goes on condemning you.

Remember, if you condemn yourself you will condemn everybody - you will condemn the whole. And a person who condemns himself cannot love. A person who condemns himself cannot pray. A person who condemns himself, for him there is no God, there cannot be. A condemning mind can never enter the divine temple. Only when you dance, only when you are ecstatic, not condemning, only when you are overflowing, with nobody sitting in control, nobody managing, does life become a let-go. It is not formal, it is natural. Then you enter, then everywhere is the door. Then you can reach the temple from anywhere.

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