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Chapter 15: Following Your Natural Course

She said, “It may be beautiful for you, but Christianity, Judaism, the whole West, uses the word in a very derogatory sense.”

I said, “I was not aware of it. That means now I have to use it for myself. The word has to be freed from these criminals and their hands. They have destroyed a beautiful word.”

Once the pagan existed on the earth and he was as happy as any other animal; he knew nothing of misery. He loved, he lived, never bothering about ultimate questions and problems. He enjoyed eating, drinking - the simple things of life, not making everything a problem. The pagans have disappeared from the world. Religions destroyed them everywhere, all over the world.

All the religions have been against the pagans because if pagans exist then there is no possibility for religions. They cannot coexist because the pagan is not interested in what happens after death. He is not interested in what happened before birth.

He says, “Between birth and death, it is so much just to live. First let me finish this - don’t bring in unnecessary things to waste my time. Right now I am in the middle of life, let me live it. When I am in death I will try to live it too, but why should I bother about death now? - because I don’t remember ever bothering about life before. Right now life is in my hands, and I want to squeeze the whole juice out of it.”

I am reminded of a beautiful story; it is so beautiful that one wants.. It would have been good if it was true too; but it is very close to truth.

In paradise, in a restaurant, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, all four are sitting gospeling. And then an apsara, a beautiful dance girl, comes dancing with a flask in her hands - it is full of wine - looks at them and says, “You are talking about life, and listening to you talk about life I wondered.. Life is available here in this restaurant; that’s our special recipe. We make life, the juice called life. I have brought this flask. There is no need to discuss it, why don’t you drink, taste it?”

Buddha immediately closed his eyes. He said “Birth is pain, death is pain, and between two pains there is no possibility of life being bliss. I don’t even want to see it.”

Jesus looked at the girl and told her, “Life is born in sin, and you are trying to tempt us? You must belong to the devil. Get out of my sight!”

Confucius was more human; he said, “I cannot be like these two guys; they are against life. I am a pragmatist.” Confucius made China one of the most pragmatic countries, very practical. He said, “I am a practical man. I cannot say anything without tasting - give me a little taste of the juice you call life.” He tasted it a little, gave the cup back and said, “No, it is bitter. Those two fellows are right.”

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