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Chapter 9: Truth Is a Search, Not a Faith

Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus. He continued to crucify other Christians, and the ultimate result was that the whole of the Roman people started feeling guilty: “We are crucifying innocent people. These people may have crazy ideas, but everybody has the right to have crazy ideas. They are not harming anybody. They are talking about God; they are talking about the only begotten son of God - so let them talk.”

But because the Christians were crucified, the pendulum moved. People became more and more sympathetic to the innocent people who were being murdered, and the ultimate result was that Rome became the very citadel of Christianity. The day Jesus Christ was crucified by the order of the Roman emperor, unknowingly he had crucified the whole of the Roman civilization.

Italy became Christian out of guilt, not out of any conversion. So they are superficially Christian; they pay tribute to the pope, but basically they are pagans. The real Romans, the authentic, real human beings.I am not going to Italy to meet the Christians, I am going to discover the pagans who have been lost behind the facade of Christianity.

I am a pagan, and my sannyasins are pagan.

We believe only in reality, not in fictions.

My going to Italy is significant. Losing the pagans from the world has been an immense loss. We have lost some song, some dance from human life. Some dimension has completely closed.

Italy needs to be freed from Christianity; only then will it find its soul, its original face.

Is it true that you are an admirer of Saint Francis of Assisi?

Yes, it is true.

Saint Francis of Assisi used to travel by donkey, not by Rolls Royce. Can you please comment?

On that point he was wrong! - because to travel by a donkey is to torture a living being, and to travel by a Rolls Royce is not torturing anybody; it is absolutely nonviolent!

In Italy we have the Vatican, the citadel of the pope. You are against him and the Catholic religion. Why?

I am not especially against the Catholic religion, I am against all organized religions; the Catholic religion is only one of them.

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