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Chapter 28: Knowledge Is Information; Knowing Is Transformation

But I said, “You need not be puzzled or worried Just so as not to disturb you I will fit into the category But in fact if governments and bureaucracies were sensitive enough, aware enough of the latest developments, then you would have made a different category for me, for a man who is simply religious - neither Christian, nor Hindu, nor Mohammedan. And to be religious you need not believe in God, in afterlife; you need not believe at all. To be religious all that you need is to live life so abundantly that you can taste existence itself.”

When I say “knowing,” I mean tasting, smelling, hearing, feeling, living - but not knowledgeability.

Knowledgeability to me is a sin.

Knowing is the greatest ecstasy you can attain. But the ultimate surprise of knowing comes when you turn in upon yourself.

You can be in a state of knowing with the sunrise, with the sunset, with stars, flowers, birds, animals, people. You can be in a state of knowing, and it is tremendously beautiful, immensely fulfilling.

But the ultimate point, the omega point arrives when you turn your knowing upon yourself.

Then you are moving in a direction you have never moved, you are traveling on a path you have never traveled.

Knowledge is divided into three parts: the knower, the known, and that which relates them - knowledge. Knowing also consists of three parts, but there is a difference: the knower, the known - but now the relationship is not of knowledge, it is of knowing. Knowledge was borrowed. The knower was a fact, the known was a fact, but knowledge was borrowed. Knowing is your own. So knowledge only gives you a feeling of relatedness. It is like marriage - and marriage is a mirage.

Marriage simply gives you the illusory feeling that you are related. In fact, you are two intimate enemies living together - or better to say, fighting together, harassing each other, nagging, doing all kinds of things which are not friendly. It is a strange relationship. There is no love flowing. Who has ever heard of a husband loving his wife or a wife loving her husband? Yes, pretending, but loving? It seems to be impossible between husband and wife. Marriage is the death of love.

Knowledge is like marriage. You are not really related to the known, but only in a delusion.

It happened once that there was a certain painting hanging in the house of an old lady. She was very old, and when she died the house was sold. The new owners looked at the painting and could not figure out what it was: it looked almost stupid. It was a Picasso. If you don’t have that intelligence then the painting will look stupid, as if made by some madman. So they took out the painting and threw it in the basement.

One day a friend came and he asked what happened to the Picasso. “I was in this house when the old lady was here. I was just passing, and I remembered the painting. The house is sold, but the painting was far costlier than the house. What happened to the painting?”

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