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Chapter 2: Life Is God

Jesus says to his disciples: “Look at the lilies in the field. They toil not, they think not of the morrow.” Visualize the lilies in the field and Jesus talking to his disciples, indicating those lilies. He says, “Even Solomon in all his glory was not attired like one of these.” What is the beauty of a poor lily flower? And what is the richness of a poor lily flower? - it is utterly here now, it knows no other time and no other space. It knows no other world. Its intensity, its totality, its wholeness, makes it more beautiful than Solomon in all his glory

Yes, even your greatest emperors are poor before the flower of the lily. The lily exists in the moment; the moment you exist in the moment, you are conscious. Consciousness is of the present, consciousness is a kind of presence. Otherwise you live like a robot, a machine: obsessed with your habits, you go on repeating them again and again and again. And because they are mechanical they never satisfy you so the wheel goes on moving. Unsatisfied, you desire a better future; unsatisfied with the past, you project a future. But the future is projected out of the past - it is bound to be like it. Maybe a little bit different here and there, but not much, a modified thing, a little bit decorated, improved, but all the time in essence the same. Again you will be dissatisfied and again you will project.

Man is in a deep discontent and goes on projecting a paradise somewhere else. That paradise never comes; it cannot come. Paradise has already come, it is already here; man has never left the Garden of Eden. What really happened when Adam ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge? - he fell asleep and he started dreaming that he has been expelled, that he has been thrown out of the Garden of Eden, that God is angry, that he has betrayed. He started feeling guilty, he started feeling a sinner: he created his own nightmare.

In fact, Adam has never for a single moment left the Garden of Eden - because where can he go? This whole is the Garden of Eden; paradise is all over the place. It is God’s world - to where can God expel Adam? Where? There is no other world, expulsion is impossible. This is the only existence there is.

So my understanding of the biblical parable is that Adam has fallen asleep, he has become unconscious: knowledge proved to be a kind of poison. It is - knowledge always makes people unconscious because knowledge becomes content in their consciousness, and the content covers their consciousness like dust covers a mirror. The more knowledge, the more dust, and one day the mirror is completely lost - there are layers and layers of dust and it is very difficult to search for the mirror.

You are that Adam and that Eve. It is not something that happened in the past; it is not history, it is happening, it has always been happening and will always be happening. Collect knowledge - eat from the Tree of Knowledge - and you become unconscious.

Then what is the way to become conscious? - drop content, drop thoughts, drop knowledge. Unburden yourself, let your mind become empty, let your mind become no mind. And suddenly you will be surprised that you have never gone anywhere else, you have been in paradise.

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