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Chapter 2: Surrendering to What Is

Kill out desire of life. Life’s laws are very paradoxical. If you desire life, you will miss it. That is the surest way to miss it. If you desire life, you will miss it; if you don’t desire it, abundant life will happen to you.

Through desire you move against life. It looks paradoxical. It is. But this paradoxical law has to be understood deeply. Why, when you desire life, do you miss it? It should not be so. Logically, mathematically, it should not be so. If someone desires life, why should he miss it? The mechanism is such that when you desire, you have again moved into the future - and life is here! Life is already the case, how can you desire it? Only that which is not, can be desired. And life is. How can you desire it? It already is, it has happened already. You are life. So if you desire it, you will miss it. Through desire, you are moving away. Every desire leads you further and further away. That’s why there is so much insistence on desirelessness. Not that Buddha or all those who talk about desirelessness are against life; really, on the contrary, they are for life. But they say “Don’t desire,” and to us it looks as if they are against life, life-negative. They are not.

We are missing life through desire. They say “Don’t desire.” Then what happens if you don’t desire? What will happen? Life will happen to you. It is already happening, but you cannot look at it - your eyes are fixed on the future. You are somewhere else, your mind is not here. Life is here and you are not here, so the meeting has become impossible. Life will always be here and you will never be here; then there will be no meeting. Then you will hanker for life, you will desire life - and you will go on missing it.

Allow life to happen to your consciousness. What can be done? - be attentive, here. Don’t be somewhere else.

The moment you start desiring life, you become afraid of death - it is bound to be, because the desire for life creates the fear of death. There is no death. In reality, nothing dies: nothing can. It is impossible. Death never happens, death is not. Then why do we feel death so much, and why are we so afraid of death, which is not? - because of the desire for life. The desire for life creates a counter fear: the fear of death. We don’t know life, but we desire life. Then the fear comes that life is going to be destroyed.

We see death happening. Someone dies - have you ever observed the fact that it is always someone else who dies, never you? It is always someone else who dies. You see death from outside, you have not seen it from inside. You just see someone dying, you don’t know what is happening to him in his innermost core. You just know what is happening on the periphery. The periphery has died: it is no longer alive, the man cannot breathe. But what has happened in the core, in the very being, in the center? You don’t know.

No one has witnessed death. And no one can, because there is only one way to witness it: if you move to your own innermost core and witness it there. But death never happens there. That is why a Buddha laughs at death, a Krishna laughs.

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