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Chapter 24: Bring in the New Man

Your so-called saints are not intelligent people at all, but you have worshipped them. And you have worshipped them for the wrong reason - because they were insensitive, because they had dulled their consciousness, because they had grown thick skin around themselves. The spring will come but they will remain unaffected, the clouds will gather and they will remain unaffected. The peacock will dance but they will remain unaffected, the night sky will be full of stars but they will be completely unaware of it. That was the whole discipline in the past: how to become like a rock, so that the world cannot overpower you. It was a kind of paranoia, it was based in fear.

I teach you just the opposite: be sensitive, be alert, be loving, be sensuous - because existence is not against the roseflower, existence is in it. If you can sensuously feel the velvetyness of the rose you have touched existence itself. Existence is not against the stars and the sun and the moon, it is in them. If you can allow them to enter into your being, if you allow them to stir your heart, if you can allow them to drive you crazy in a dance of joy and celebration, you will be coming closer and closer to home - because I teach sensitivity, I teach love.

The people who have gathered around me have a totally different quality to them. This is not an ordinary place, it is a commune of creators - artists, painters, singers, musicians. All kinds of talented people have come to me; only they can understand what I am saying. People understand according to their own inner capabilities. I may say one thing, you may understand something else. Communication is not easy, language is not adequate, and you will understand only that for which you have come.

I have gathered around me a special kind of people. Hence this urge will be felt by almost everybody: something has to be done. First, it will be a very, very vague kind of feeling, just a silent voice within your being, heard yet not heard, understood yet not understood - a whisper, not very clear, a little muddy, not very transparent. In the beginning this is bound to be so. You will hear it like a song; it will be more poetry than prose, it will come to you like dreams, visions. Slowly, slowly the unconscious will be able to communicate to the conscious.

And that’s what meditation is all about: learning the way to bridge the unconscious with the conscious, so that your own being can give you indications where to move, where to go; so that you don’t need a leader, so that you become a guide to yourself, so that you can become a light unto yourself.

You are not dying, but this will be felt like that because you are part of humanity and humanity is dying. All that is human is disappearing, and all that is inhuman is becoming more and more dominating and powerful.

Man is being reduced to a machine, and mechanical values are becoming dominant. The artist is not respected, but the technician is. Poetry is not loved, but plumbing is. The dancer is no longer in the center of life, but the businessman, the bureaucrat, the politician is. All that is beautiful is becoming irrelevant to man, because that which is beautiful cannot be used as a means to anything. That which is beautiful is an end unto itself. You cannot use poetry in war; you will need the scientist, not the poet. And you cannot use musicians in the marketplace; there you will need economists.

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