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Chapter 15: Never Ask, “Who Am I?”

But the priest will not allow a simple phenomenon, that existence is eternal. A God is absolutely needed. Not by you, not by existence, but by the priesthood of all the religions because without the God their temples become empty. All their scriptures become rubbish, all their rituals stupid, all their prayers childish; all their conceptions of God, the fixations of psychologically sick people.

God is absolutely needed for millions of priests all around. That is the commodity they sell, that is their market. You take God away and what will happen to the pope? The poor guy will have to go back to Poland, open a grocery shop. I don’t think he is qualified for anything more.

But right now, God is there and everything is perfectly right. Then there is a hierarchy: the son of God, Jesus Christ, and the representative of Jesus, the pope and the cardinals and the bishops and the priests. A long line of parasites, and their life is possible only if God created the world.

One thing is certain - it does not need any philosophical mind. Looking at the world, it is certain it has not been created by any God. Such chaos! Such continuous wars..

Just today I became aware that there are, even this very moment, twenty-five wars going on around the earth. Small wars; that’s why nobody is bothered about them. Their definition of war is: if ten thousand people are killed, it is a war. There are twenty-five wars around the world at this very moment in which more than ten thousand people have been killed.

It seems man’s only business for centuries has been to fight, to kill, to rape. Something seems to have gone wrong in the human mind: either some nuts are loose or some nuts are too tight, but something needs to be repaired in a workshop.

This man as he exists cannot be created by a god. It can be created only by accidental evolution without any direction, without any goal, without any reason.

Existence is simply a directionless reality. It blossoms in many ways - in the flowers, in the stars, in the human eyes - but it is all accidental. There seems to be no direction at all. There seems to be no considered, pre-planned goal that humanity or the evolution of consciousness has to achieve.

You have to find your goal within yourself. It is not given to you, and there is nobody to enforce it upon you. That’s why.yesterday we were talking about George Gurdjieff, who said that the ordinary man does not suffer much; it is the extraordinary man who suffers and suffers unnecessarily. The extraordinary man takes over the question of a certain goal to be achieved, a certain reality to be realized.

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